JacksonMSV Ltd provides a business advisory service to companies and freelancers who aim to be part of Dubai’s success story in the lead up to Expo 2020 and the legacy that follows.

Company descriptor:

The core focus of the business is as follows; 

VAT Solution for Freelancers & SMEs
Since inception in 2016, JacksonMSV have successfully partnered with SMEs, International organisations and high-profile individuals enabling them to legally trade in Dubai without the need for the establishment of a new entity. In order to reduce restrictions and grant its clients the ability to offer all their services, JacksonMSV are licensed with Dubai Department of Economic Development to partner with companies in the following sectors:
- Management Consultancy
- Human Resources Consultancy
- Market Research Consultancy
- Event Management
- Event Organising
- Exhibition Organising
In order to achieve a secure and legal partnership, JacksonMSV enter into an Unincorporated Association Agreement with its clients which clearly defines the relationship and states that the company will operate in Dubai as a licensed division of JacksonMSV but trading in their own name. Once the agreement is signed, the client has 100% operational, management and financial control of their business but have the option of utilising accounting, invoicing and Value Added Tax submission services in compliance with the UAE Federal Tax Authority Regulations.
Nominee GM
UAE law states that all UAE registered companies must be represented by a General Manager who is authorised to sign all company documentation whether it be for the establishment, day to day operations or closure of the company. However, some companies may not wish to hire a General Manager or only need a representative for a limited period of time. At JacksonMSV, its team of nominee General Managers have over 15 years experience in the operation and management of UAE businesses and are available to represent your company, giving you the peace of mind that your company is operating legally and allowing you to concentrate on your business operations.
Non-Executive Directors
When looking to sell your business, early preparation is crucial to make your company more attractive and to perfect corporate governance. At JacksonMSV ltd, non-executive directors have proven experience in preparing small and medium enterprises for successful acquisition or merger.
Market Research Solutions
The Market Research Solution offered is the most cost-effective and efficient way to analyse the UAE market and market your product before starting your UAE venture.
Under its Market Research Solution, JacksonMSV provides foreign companies with the ability to send a company representative to the UAE to legally conduct the market research onshore in the Emirate of Dubai. As part of this service, its clients have the option of utilising premium office space at the iconic Fairmont Hotel so that all administrative tasks can be completed, the ability to invoice through JacksonMSV in addition to the completion of all necessary VAT submissions and a business service package which includes mail collection, serviced reception and a dedicated PO Box and telephone number.

Albeit a corporate entity, JacksonMSV prides itself on personal, discreet, creative and unhurried consulting services. Full independence on the board through non-executive directors and a robust corporate governance structure ensures the highest professional standards.