Cigna Middle East is part of Cigna Corporation, a global health services company with roots in the US, serving over 180 million customers globally. Cigna Middle East serves the GCC markets and Lebanon through its locally regulated entities ...


With over 60 years of global experience and over 20 years of experience in the Middle East, our health insurance plans are carefully designed to deliver quality and affordable healthcare solutions as per the needs of our customers. We at Cigna offer both health and wellness services to individuals, businesses, and government entities in the region and across the globe. 

Health must be everyone’s top priority. At Cigna, we help our customers achieve their health goals by empowering them to manage their health better. Staying healthy can be hard work, especially when facing health concerns like chronic diseases, obesity and diabetes, and behavioral issues like stress and lack of exercise and sleep.

Access to care, getting and staying healthy is easier with the support of a trusted partner. Our vision is to serve people and provide them with quality care throughout their lives. We are more than a health insurance company. We are your partner in total health and wellness available for you 24/7. With our whole health approach, we are focused on addressing health concerns, improving resilience, reducing stress levels and emotional health issues. We are committed to creating better futures for our customers and clients and to help them achieve or maintain their physical, mental, financial, or social health goals.

Our affordable solutions and focus on innovation enable us to meet the dynamic needs of our customers, clients, intermediaries, and communities and empower them to proactively own and manage their health.