Lisa Skinner

Lisa Skinner

Professionally I am very passionate about two things, customers and people. I believe for any organisation to  have happy customers it has to have happy people. For people in an organisation to be happy they have to have a clear vision and purpose and feel connected to it. For me customer experience design offers organisations a fantastic opportunity to connect their people with their customers and visa versa, to enable their people to be a part of creating a compelling customer experiences and a sense of purpose that engages and unites teams of people. For these reasons I am huge advocate of human-centred design thinking and for over 10 years I have been responsible in a variety of roles for designing and evolving customer experiences.

I am a senior leader with a unique blend of skills having worked in both strategic and operational roles able to take ideas from concept through to implementation. I have a proven track record of building, orchestrating and empowering highly talented teams to deliver exceptional customer experiences and grow business internationally. I also have a masters in positive psychology and a keen interest in goal setting and goal pursuit.

I have been a Board Director of Engine Service Design for the past 5 years, during that time we have grown the revenue by 46%, doubled the size of the team, developed our design-led change methodology and successfully grown a business in  Dubai as well as London. Engine is a hybrid between an design agency and management consultancy, we design remarkable customer experiences and work with blue chip organisations to deliver and sustain them (see credentials attached). Our clients include Dubai Airports, Mercedes Benz, Virgin Atlantic, MAF, and Sainsburys.

Prior to Engine I was the Head of Client Experience for an international medical insurer and responsible for a variety of initiatives focused on attracting and retaining members, ultimately creating brand promoters. I have held a number of roles in sales and marketing and always been very focused on understanding customers needs and finding innovative solutions to meet and exceed customers expectations.

From starting the business in Dubai in 2017 and since moving to Dubai in August 2019 I have been overwhelmed by the support both professionally and personally the British community in Dubai has given me and I would like to give something back to this community. The BBG has a clear ambition to grow its membership base and evolve its proposition, I believe I bring a unique skill set that can help realise that ambition. Being part of the BBG board I can bring the members (customers) voice into the room, a different way of thinking when trying to solve challenges as well as some good old ‘British spirit’ that gets things done.

We are facing uncertain times and a challenging environment for businesses, the successful businesses will be the ones that adapt to their rapidly changing customer needs. As a customer experience professional responding to these changes daily I can share best practises, insights and tools with the BBG community to help businesses adapt and thrive.

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