Thuso - Engaging with Policy-Makers in the Middle East

Date Posted:Sun, 21st Nov 2021

Thuso - Engaging with Policy-Makers in the Middle East

The Senior Partners of British Business Group Member, Thuso, were invited to deliver a Public Guest Lecture Session on ‘Outcomes-Based Policymaking for International Development’


The Lecture Session took place at the Mohammed Bin Rashid School of Government, introduced by the Dean, Professor Raed Awamleh, and Moderated by Associate Professor Dr. Racquel Warner, on the 10th of November, 2021.

The session comprised a series of lectures delivered by Thuso's Managing Director, Matthew Goldie-Scot, a policy specialist, government advisor, researcher, and consultant, and Thuso Founding Partners, Charles Schulze, an expert in monitoring and evaluation for international development, humanitarian aid, and government clients (joining from the field in Angola, where he is currently deployed on a United Nations assignment); and Matej Damborsky, a data and policy specialist. Together, they addressed overlapping and complementary areas of focus:  

‘Formulating effective policy’;
‘Meaningful monitoring and evaluation’; and
‘Innovations in data-driven policymaking’. 

They also discussed the role of the private sector throughout, as well as matters of compliance, and transparency. 

Demonstrating scope for high-level collaboration between innovators in the private sector, and government initiatives in the region, the session provided a meeting place for policymakers, researchers, and various other influential stakeholders.

'The Mohammed Bin Rashid School of Government is committed to promoting knowledge and awareness as a means to create a class of future leaders who are experts in their fields, well-equipped to tackle the challenges of both the present and the future, and empowered to drive sustainable development and progress across all government and private entities', reflected MBRSG’s Executive President His Excellency Dr Ali bin Sebaa Al Marri, adding 'Policymaking is a complex science with many skills and variables coming into play. Our objective from organising this lecture is to help demystify outcomes-based policymaking as a concept for our participants, with a focus on international development, bringing them one step closer to ensuring efficient, proactive, and optimal policymaking in their respective organisations.' (Middle East News 247)

'This event was a significant activity for those studying how governments formulate policies as it allowed the participants to reach a greater understanding of the tools used in decision-making, as well as discussed how policies are effectively evaluated to determine their impact. It enabled the students taking part to hear from actual government policy-makers and receive an insight into their real-world experiences, giving them the opportunity to ask questions about their role, its challenges and its rewards', (Middle East News 247) suggested Associate Professor Dr. Racquel Warner, highlighting the importance of practical engagement with relevant subject-matter, delivered by industry experts. 

'We are delighted to have had this opportunity,' responded Matthew Goldie-Scot, 'many thanks to participants for their questions, and inputs, particularly during the panel discussion - wonderful to have a chance to engage with policy-makers, academics, future leaders, and experts from myriad sectors in the region, and to the leadership of the Mohammed Bin Rashid School of Government for hosting this event, particularly His Excellency Dr. Ali bin Sebaa Al Marri, for his kind feedback, the Dean, Professor Raed Awamleh, for introducing the session, and Associate Professor Dr. Warner, for her excellent work as Moderator. We very much look forward to undertaking further collaborations in the future - we are particularly blessed to have such a significant Thuso presence in Dubai, which is emerging as a clear leader in innovation, and which serves as the key hub for the region'.

The Mohammed Bin Rashid School of Government, which operates under the auspices of Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives, is 'the first research and teaching institution focusing on governance and public policy in the Arab world, offering academic and training programmes that aim to train future leaders and prepare them to meet public administration and policy challenges across the region. Courses are developed and delivered by a diverse group of scholars, academics, and researchers.' Further details can be found at its website:

Thuso is a strategic consultancy, and technical advisory services provider, operating in the humanitarian, development, investment, health, and education sectors internationally, with a particular focus on emerging markets, as well as fragile and conflict-affected states. Further details can be found at:

Thuso operates from a network of global offices, with permanent bases in the United Kingdom, the European Union (Estonia), the Middle East (United Arab Emirates), and Asia (Hong Kong, and Singapore).

The Senior Partners of Thuso are resident in the United Arab Emirates, where Thuso is an active member of the British Business Group.