Administrative Board Election Process

Nominations for 2019/20 Administrative Board positions now open!

Pursuant to Article 7.7 of the BBG’s Constitution Administrative Board members will now serve a two-year tenure. Thus, the following Administrative Board members will remain in position:

BBG Chairman:

John Martin St. Valery

Deputy Chair:

Andrew Mortimer

Director, Legal & Secretariat:

Helen Barrett

Director, Finance:

Andrew Robinson

Director, Business Development: 

Matt Lewis

Director, Communications: 

Lara Khouri

Director, UAE Government Relations: 

Adel Al Awadhi

Director, Membership: 

Paul Bryson

Following the resignation of three Administrative Board members during 2018 and pursuant to Article 7.8 of the BBG’s Constitution, Caroline Rowe was co-opted onto Administrative Board as Director, Events until the AGM. Pursuant to Article 7.2 of the Constitution, the role of Director, UAE Relations and Director, UAE Government Relations was merged and a new role, Director, Government Relations, was created; Director of Regional Inter-Business Groups into which Sonny Ridgewell was co-opted until the AGM.    

The following positions will therefore become vacant for election at the AGM:

Director, Events
Director, Regional Inter-Business Groups
Director, Focus Groups

Click on the above vacant role to view the job description and help you identify the role which most suits you.

Being a part of the Administrative Board provides an opportunity for members to influence the direction the BBG. All Administrative Board positions are pro-bono commitments for a two year term, during which time you will be required to meet regularly with the Administrative Officers, increase your professional profile with other BBG members and the British Embassy, contribute to high-level discussions which impact British business in the region and generally support the British community throughout the UAE.

How to get elected: 

-           Any individual member or named indvidual of a member organisation may stand for election;

-           Nominations must be proposed by two other individual members and/or a named representative of a member organisation - DOWNLOAD NOMINATION & ACCEPTANCE FORM HERE;

-           Applicants must have paid their annual membership subscriptions in full at the time of nomination; and

-           Applicants must be resident in the UAE.

If, by the nomination deadline (see below), there are roles for which more than one member has been nominated, these members will participate in Hustings where they will have an opportunity to present to other members the reasons why they believe they are best suited for the role. If, however, only one member has been nominated for each available role, those members will be elected to those roles at the AGM.

Key dates during the nomination process are:

Tuesday 30 April

Nominations open

Wednesday 15 May            

Nominations close at 1.00 pm (UAE time)

Wednesday 22 May            

Hustings for any contested positions

Tuesday 28 May

Voting opens at 8.00am UAE time (by paper ballot or online voting platform)

Wednesday 12 June

Online voting closes at 11.59 pm (UAE time)

Thursday 13 June

AGM (paper ballot closes at 1.00 pm (UAE time)


This is your BBG, get involved and make a difference.