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Book Your Next Dental Hygiene Appointment

Date Posted: Tue, 13 Sep, 2022

Book Your Next Dental Hygiene Appointment

British dental hygienist Beverley Murray has recently joined BBG member dental clinic The Perio Clinic in Dubai Healthcare City.

We are delighted to welcome Beverley Murray to The Perio Clinic. Bev is our dental hygienist and she recently joined us from the UK.

Bev is dedicated to supporting all of our patients with their ongoing dental care including professional oral hygiene procedures, scaling and polishing, tooth whitening and more. Bev is available at The Perio Clinic four days per week including Sundays. She is able to carry out many procedures with the same care and attention as a dentist and at significantly better value. Routine cleaning appointments with Bev start at just AED550 for BBG members.

Please call 044428515 or simply visit The Perio Clinic website for appointments.