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Dubai's Flexible Working Spaces Boom as Employees Return to the Office

Date Posted: Thu, 01 Sep, 2022

Dubai's Flexible Working Spaces Boom as Employees Return to the Office

We asked BBG Member Matt Hewitt of OneSpace Business Center for his view on the trends of office space demand in Dubai:

"Here at Onespace, and I think most other major operators here in Dubai, are seeing unprecedented times in terms of demand and occupancy . Post-covid, we have more than doubled in footprint , and pretty much fully occupied.

Our type of demand has changed post-Covid, where before it was the typical 3-4 person office, now the demand is 15, 20 , 30 person spaces.

This year alone we have had two clients take a whole floor each , so we also see the enterprise model becoming more and more popular, if you like a design, build and operate model where taking clients requirements, we create fully branded spaces and operate so they can concentrate on their core business.

We have clients ranging from Uber, Hitachi Rail, Movenpick Hotels, Fleetwood Football Club, to Sole Traders , but we are experiencing more blue chips taking space then ever before!

This year alone our company formations team have been super busy, doing more formations in the first half of this year then the last 18 months previous.

I think the future is more developers / architects designing flex space into their commercial properties and not just for retail.

Our own business model has changed, by adding more business concierge services to cater for client’s needs, more so with companies relocating staff to Dubai, helping them identify accommodation, transports, advice on schooling fees etc.

The positive is it is very exciting times to be in Dubai, and in the Flex Space industry, and but also manage the growth we are experiencing in order to de-risk any future challenges that may happen, and that is where we benefit from the BBG, by being a member we get to see and listen to other industry experts about what is happening in there worlds and how they are managing dealing with their respective industries." Matt Hewitt

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