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An Introduction to the Qatar British Business Forum

Date Posted: Thu, 21 Jul, 2022

An Introduction to the Qatar British Business Forum

The Qatar British Business Forum is a nonprofit organisation which was established in 1992 to promote trade between the United Kingdom and Qatar, two countries with strong historical ties. It is a flourishing, socially active organisation representing a broad membership base across a range of industry sectors.

QBBF has around 300 members based in Doha representing approx.180 businesses with a diverse membership sector representation. Founded in 1992 they are celebrating their 30th anniversary this year!


Emad Turkman MBE is the QBBF chairman and they have around 14 committee members .The day to day operations are run by Amanda Shaw -  Office Manager and Kat Milano  - Marketing and Promotions Manager.


The QBBF generally run a minimum of 2 networking and social events per month in addition to collaborative ad hoc Round Tables and /or Town Hall events with the British Embassy Team and they have a great working relationship with the British Embassy, DTI and HE Ambassador’s teams.


The QBBF team have said that they are always happy to host any visiting BBG Dubai and Northern Emirates members and will honour member rate for event attendance.


For any questions please contact: 

Phone: 0 974 5588 9852