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Monthly Support By SMEs, For SMEs

Date Posted: Thu, 05 May, 2022

Monthly Support By SMEs, For SMEs

Grown Up solutions and Caron Jones HR are offering a turnkey package for SMEs covering accounting and bookkeeping, HR support and office solutions, all those core services that small businesses need, at an affordable price.

 Mike Smith, a part of the Grown Up Solution team stated:

"We've been working with both Zyla and Caron Jones HR on a number of client projects in recent months.  We all have a similar approach and our services complement each other nicely.  The UAE's business landscape is evolving, making it even more important to have good management systems in place.  Between us, we relieve that headache for our clients, allowing them to focus on doing business rather than doing paperwork."

" I support the HR set up for a lot of new & existing SME's , who typically require more than just HR support and I am always pleased to introduce Grown Up Solutions & Zyla with joint ventures or as a referred customer.  The initial set up and ongoing administrative mechanics for a new company can become overwhelming and having reliable support from outsourced companies, who understand and simplify the processes can make any SME owner more efficient in growing their business." Caron Jones said.