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BCB June: Arab Health, Ecom, Travel

Date Posted: Thu, 01 Jul, 2021

BCB June: Arab Health, Ecom, Travel

Last week saw the Arab Health trade show in Dubai (postponed from January this year). Whilst a much smaller affair than the mega-event that it's become in recent years, attendees whom we spoke to confirmed that the quality vs quantity equation was firmly on the positive side of the ledger, with serious buyers & prospects at the show.

It was therefore unfortunate that the UAE's 'Red List' status with the UK prevented there from being a formal physical UK presence for the first time in many years. The continued restrictions on bilateral travel hurts UK business interest in the UAE, particularly when other countries are able to make the journey.

As we have outlined in previous updates, the UAE's ecommerce boom is at exciting nascent stages, fuelled by the CV19 impact of the last 18 months. However, pulling from the old gold rush adage that the serious money was made by the shovel sellers rather than the gold miners themselves, we feature the UAE's packaging industry as the major beneficiary of ecom's continued growth.

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