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Delivering Efficiencies in the Logistics & Distribution Sectors

Date Posted: Tue, 23 Mar, 2021

Delivering  Efficiencies in  the Logistics  & Distribution Sectors

The UAE has historically, and is always likely to be, a trade and transport hub for the Middle East, connecting it to the world. Global competition and the onset of Covid-19 has shaken global supply chains, impacted trade routes and changed transportation norms.

“There are a number of challenges currently facing the logistics and distribution sectors which place significant strains on market participants such as; increased demand for e-commerce services; sector entity cost; rebalancing requirements; global logistics and warehousing volatility; increase in strategic cost reviews and contract term renegotiations. However, there remains an opportunity for further cost reductions to be made in niche areas through lateral thinking, use of smart technology and years of deep industry specialism from tried and tested advisors.” Steve Drake, Co-Founder Cost Optimisation Advisors, operating the global brand of ERA (Expense Reduction Analysts)

ERA seeks to provide deep industry capability, together with deployment of smart technology to bring tangible cost savings to our clients in the Logistics and Distribution sectors in the areas of energy conservation, sustainability, distribution (inc. freight) and fleet management. For the full report, follow this link or contact Steve Drake or Stephen Watson directly.