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Update from Vital Certificates

Date Posted: Thu, 19 Nov, 2020

Update from Vital Certificates

Chris Miller provides an update on attesting documents for the UAE

As we head towards the end of what is by far the most unusual year, certainly of my life, there is a sense amongst those business owners & leaders that I have spoken to of an increase in stability in the marketplace.

Of course, there are some business sectors that are flourishing and others who are struggling to survive, but the overriding sense is that the situation is as at is, and we just need to do our best to deal with it.

There is a glimmer of hope from the vaccine trials in both the US and the UK, with potentially multiple highly effective vaccines set to be released before the end of the year. Add to this the fact that there has been an air corridor set-up between the UK and the UAE and things certainly look more hopeful than they did at the end of October.

With all this in mind, there has not been a great deal of change across the globe when it comes to the ability to get documents attested, feeding into that sense of stability I mentioned before. What we have seen though, we have outlined below.

Office Move

After two months we have finally completed our relocation to our new offices in Unbox, in Bay Square. The space and the Unbox staff are great and there’s an energy about the place that again makes us feel again that, in the UAE, people are making the best of the situation and looking to the future as much as possible.

Attesting Documents for the UAE

Remains relatively stable in terms of attestation with educational documents taking 2-3 weeks to attest dependant on whether they have the HEC verification already or not. Do note that the Pakistani authorities insist on a relatively large number of supporting documents so make sure you know what is needed and get them together early.

Unfortunately, as many will have seen in the news the UK government introduced a second lockdown which started at the end of last week. That being said, the Foreign & Commonwealth Office in London and Milton Keynes are both planning to stay open during the lockdown period and the UAE embassy is operating as normal, for now. However, with several other embassies having reduced their opening times or closed it may only be a matter of time before the UAE follow suit. Obviously, any restriction will increase the time taken to get documents processed.

Remains open for attestation and is operating only slightly slower than pre-COVID speeds.

United States
The United States continues to be a long, slow process due to the closure of the Department of State to walk-in submissions. There is no indication that this will change anytime soon, even with the change in administration.

The UAE consulate in Spain has now re-opened after the recent closure due to a positive COVID test.

The Philippines is still taking longer than normal. With regards to educational documents, if the campus that issued the document is in lockdown there is no way for the document to process through attestation.  

France continues to process documents as normal with minimal delays.  However, it is worth reiterating that educational documents from private institutions will not be accepted for attestation.  

South Africa
After the closure of DIRCO due to an outbreak of COVID-19 the authority has now reopened and is processing documents for attestation.

Lebanon has gone into another lockdown for the rest of November, and we are waiting to hear whether the relevant authorities will be able to process documents or whether attestation services have been suspended. Either way, timeframes are sure to be extended.

Dubai Police now require legalised original fingerprints as a supporting document for Police Clearance Certificates if there is no EID (Emirates ID). They are very specific that the legalisation of fingerprints should be done on the original document and not on a certified copy. The fingerprint should be very clear as well.

As always, I have tried to pick the countries that we see most documents from or where we feel there have been significant changes. If I have missed one that is specifically of interest, let me know and I’ll update you.

Please let me know if there is any additional information you feel we could be offering & we will see what we can do.

Stay safe & keep smiling.

Chris Miller
Country Manager
Vital Certificates
Tel:  +971 (0)4 556 7338