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CCi a British Success Story

Date Posted: Wed, 14 Oct, 2020

CCi a British Success Story

CCi was started over 20 years ago by Alan Purbrick, as a direct response to the gap that existed in providing independent construction services, in particular timeline analysis, to the global insurance market.

Today, CCi has an international reputation for expertise in the insurance and construction sectors as a world-leading, independent provider of integrated time, cost and technical services. CCi’s experts combine their strong track record of delivering projects around the world with experience in providing precise claims assessment or expert evidence, to bring clarity and resolution to the most complex of situations.

As a dual qualified Engineer and Quantity Surveyor, Alan come from the world of construction and engineering and as a result, has experience of construction sites and importantly understood how time, cost and engineering fitted together – one discipline naturally feeding off the other two.

Alan found an almost immediate demand for his expertise, with his first appointment being a furnace break out at an aluminium smelting plant – he still has the original invoice!

In order to offer time, cost and engineering services, CCi needed to have the right people in place to deliver them, this led to some rapid expansion - from the first office in London, CCi expanded throughout the UK, into Europe and the US, opening a new office in Dubai, in October 2019.

Today CCi has offices in London, Manchester, Glasgow, New York, Houston, Miami, Chicago, San Francisco, Singapore, Sydney and Dubai.

Provides a local presence so that CCi is better able to deliver solutions for the fast-growing demand in the region. The office reinforces existing relationships, and it is hoped will build new relationships.

The office is run by Andrew Corton, a programme /delay specialist, who has been based in Dubai (UAE) since 2009. Andrew is experienced at assisting parties with construction disputes in international arbitrations, as well as assisting clients with claims and third-party determinations. He has presented written and oral submissions to the court appointed experts and local advocates in matters before the Dubai and Abu Dhabi courts (and the assistant to the expert in a matter before the Doha courts.

Andrew has major construction project experience: Critical national infrastructure – roads, bridges, dams, O&G pipelines (national and trans-national), power stations, airports (new build, upgrades and expansion). Buildings – high-rise developments (offices, residential, hotels, mixed-use), luxury villas for VVIPs, retail outlets, conference and exhibition centres, corporate headquarters, stadiums, schools, housing estates, museums, resorts, government buildings. Oil & Gas, petrochemical and process – oil extraction facilities, refineries, LNG tanks and process trains, pipelines. Power – CCGT and nuclear plants. Process and Industrial – cement production plant, petrochemical support facilities.

He is conversant with time-related aspects of project estimation, procurement, contract formation, change management, interim and final account, claims and expert work, and has worked extensively with FIDIC forms as well as AAA forms.

NEXT STEPS                                                                                                        
It is not CCi’s intention to continue to grow for the sake of it. We have a very clear aim – to have enough of the right people in the right geographical locations to allow our clients to benefit globally from our core services – Time, Cost & Engineering.

The insurance market is changing, and we are changing as well, to stay ahead of the competition, but more importantly to help shape what this new future will look like.

Another great thing about CCi’s capability and structure is that CCi has the ability to leverage transferable skills of its professionals to work across both sides of the business – insurance and construction.

CCi is now a truly global business of integrated services across the 3 core disciplines of time, cost and engineering. CCi can deploy these skills across both insurance and construction sectors, providing innovative solutions to our clients.

We are on a journey to build CCi into a world class consultancy that delivers the highest quality time, cost and engineering advice, seamlessly across the global insurance and construction markets. It is very important to me that we do this whilst maintaining the ethos of CCi that we have created We will not grow in a way or to a size where the ethos and the quality of our work and work environment is at risk of being compromised. We will remain nimble, agile and flexible in our operation.

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