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Engine Service Design “Goes Beyond the Surface” for the British Business Group John Martin St. Valery, Chairman

Date Posted: Thu, 08 Oct, 2020

Engine Service Design “Goes Beyond the Surface” for the British Business Group John Martin St. Valery, Chairman

We have eluded on a few occasions, including our AGM, to the focus we have had in looking into our client experience with the direction and support of Engine Service Design. However, to really do it justice, I wanted to share some observations to the process:

So often we assume the wants and needs of our audience and stakeholders without ever checking in and the process that we went through with Engine Service Design provided an independent, under the skin, insight into the experiences and expectations of our members, lapsed members, sponsors and industry stakeholders so that we could understand the needs, the highs and the avoidable challenges. We were provided with a full, unbiased review from multiple audiences on multiple touchpoints of our current proposition and engagement model.

My first observation was the readiness of our members and network to be involved, and we are all really grateful for the time that they gave in the process through the interviews (conducted online through the peak of the pandemic).

Secondly, it was the trust that built very quickly in Engine Service Design, as an extension to the BBG, acting as collectors of critical information but also representing the BBG with the upmost integrity and professionalism. New BBG Board Member Lisa Skinner is a Director at Engine Service Design and oversaw the entire process. We were onboarded as with any client and felt confident of timelines, likely outputs and felt hand-held all the way to final hand over. I hadn’t expected to receive such glowing direct feedback from the participants themselves, as part of the process, but was delighted to hear that their experience with Engine Service Design was as enjoyable for them as it was insightful for us.

“It’s been a real pleasure to work with the BBG on identifying and consulting on their client experience. The Board and Business Team were enthusiastic and engaged throughout the process, which is so important for the success of such a full service review. As a new Board Member, it was also a really useful exercise to understand the BBG’s history, commitment to its members and its aspirations and now through the review we have four clear principles to underpin all of our ongoing initiatives and activity.” Lisa Skinner, Director, Engine Service Design and BBG Board Director of Client Experience.

My final comments would be, acknowledging that this is a cost-saving environment as we scale and prepare to meet the challenges of this pandemic head on, I would strongly recommend the process that Engine Service Design provides in order to gain confidence that your business or department are on the right path for the long run. As Chairman of the BBG, and a representative of the whole Administrative Board, we all now feel totally tuned into the needs of the membership and our stakeholders, and this will be integral to the direction and pace of our strategic focus.

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