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One Year on in Dubai...

Date Posted: Thu, 01 Oct, 2020

One Year on in Dubai...

Andrew Corton, Regional Director of CCi, shares his experience of establishing global construction consultancy CCi in Dubai. A true UK to UAE, British-born small business that is now enjoying huge international growth.

CCi is a global construction consultancy of delay, quantum, technical and project management experts. CCi works with insurers, owners, contracting organisations and funders monitoring their projects, assessing entitlements and liabilities, managing claims, resolving disputes and supporting them as expert witnesses in formal proceedings.

A British business success story, founded in 1998, by Alan Purbrick. CCi had a humble start at a kitchen table! Nevertheless, it quickly grew, and now has an international reputation for expertise in the insurance and construction industries, and is a world-leading, independent provider of integrated time, cost and technical services. With its team of 35 practicing quantum, delay and technical experts, from various design and engineering disciplines, who have worked on construction disputes and insurance claims around the world from low value standard matters to multibillion-dollar complex international cases.

CCi was started in London and expanded throughout the UK, into Europe and the US and opened a new office in Dubai, UAE in October 2019. By providing a local presence it is believed that CCi is better able to deliver solutions for the growing demand for its services in the region, reinforce it’s existing relationships, as well as building new relationships.

It’s just over a year since CCi opened it’s Dubai office. A lot has happened in that time - CCi has doubled the size of its business, extended its services to the Construction and Engineering Disputes market, increased its expertise to cover Cost and Engineering disciplines and opened an office in Sydney.

The office is run by Andrew Corton, a programme/delay specialist, who has been based in Dubai (UAE) since 2009. Andrew is experienced at assisting parties with construction disputes in international arbitrations, as well as assisting clients with claims and third-party determinations. He has presented written and oral submissions to the court appointed experts and local advocates in matters before the Dubai and Abu Dhabi courts (and the assistant to the expert in a matter before the Doha courts.

Andrew has major construction project experience: Critical national infrastructure – roads, bridges, dams, O&G pipelines (national and trans-national), power stations, airports (new build, upgrades and expansion). Buildings – high-rise developments (offices, residential, hotels, mixed-use), luxury villas for VVIPs, retail outlets, conference and exhibition centres, corporate headquarters, stadiums, schools, housing estates, museums, resorts, government buildings. Oil & Gas, petrochemical and process – oil extraction facilities, refineries, LNG tanks and process trains, pipelines. Power – CCGT and nuclear plants. Process and Industrial – cement production plant, petrochemical support facilities.

He is conversant with time-related aspects of project estimation, procurement, contract formation, change management, interim and final account, claims and expert work, and has worked extensively with FIDIC forms as well as AAA forms.

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