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JacksonMSV Launches New Offering to Help Retain Talent in the Region

Date Posted: Wed, 05 Aug, 2020

JacksonMSV Launches New Offering to Help Retain Talent in the Region

JacksonMSV is a British owned and managed business, established in Dubai in 2016. We provide an exclusive service for a distinctive ecosystem of professionals, to empower them to operate self-sufficiently on-shore in Dubai, and to thrive in their respective fields.

Through the pandemic, we stayed close to our clients and contacts to understand how we could support them best and meet their ever-changing needs. In our dialogue with them and conversations throughout our network here in Dubai we have identified that our proposition will significantly help C-suite Professionals as well as the company that they hold a current position.

At JacksonMSV we provide a solution designed for Professional Individuals who find themselves in an unexpected predicament through redundancy. So often the redundancy is a very reluctant decision from the company and we have empathy for both parties, which is why we have formulated this solution. This way, the individual can remain in the UAE with full professional support from JacksonMSV and the company can retain valuable talent through a difficult period.

For example, one of our clients is a leading Talent Advisor in the market who assists with both corporate and individual development. After taking on a challenging role at one the UAE’s largest property developers, the position unfortunately came to end when Covid19 hit. Now, due to the crisis, it has brought forward his plan of setting up his own business, consisting of B2B and B2C Executive coaching, Leadership Consulting and Talent Advisory. As an individual, of course, the first thought process is to form a company. This is incorrect. Did you know that if you have a consulting opportunity with a government entity or onshore business, you are required to have a valid DED registered Trade License and TRN (Tax Registration Number). Therefore, setting up a Free-zone company would not be sufficient and of course it’s as expensive to unwind that company than it is to set it up.

So we offered our client the following. Join JacksonMSV under an Unincorporated Associated Agreement, which sets out that our client becomes a licensed division of JacksonMSV, operating with autonomy under an existing Trade License and TRN. This agreement also includes a visa should the individual require one. Enabling him and his family to remain in Dubai and develop his business whilst having 100% management and financial control. This has also meant that his previous employer is now one of his clients, saving the company cost and liability but keep a key individual on a retainer basis. This is what’s required to keep good people in Dubai and keep key staff on without employment charges.

The Solution enables individuals to operate legally and securely in the UAE. Since 2016, we have helped countless professional individuals to operate seamlessly in the UAE under an established corporate wrapper with an unrivalled support network and we are extending this aimed at c-suite individuals who want to regain control of their situation without the regulatory headache, and often mistake, of forming a company.

As part of the JacksonMSV ecosystem, our independent professionals have access to a vast array of professional services to support our clients such as: VAT compliance and invoicing; residency solution if required; market intelligence access and introductions, administrative / secretarial services and support structure; exclusive event opportunities and automatic British Business Group membership.

As a company made in Dubai, which combines British heritage with Swiss standards of service, and 30+ years of UAE experience, we are also a proud key event sponsor of the British Business Group Dubai & Northern Emirates, and work closely with government departments and leading professional service firms on behalf of our clients and stakeholders.

If you are an HR professional seeking a solution to senior management talent retention or you are a professional individual and find yourself in a similar situation as described in our example, please contact me directly: