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The Corporate Group Partners with Socius for Robotic Sanitizers

Date Posted: Mon, 01 Jun, 2020

The Corporate Group Partners with Socius for Robotic Sanitizers

The Corporate Group, with its experience and market intelligence, will provide the much needed local expertise for Intelligent Sterilization Robots (ISR) to be successfully distributed in the UAE.

The exclusive arrangement with Socius Group aims to provide much needed impetus in the field of intelligent automation for medical sector in UAE, in line with the Government vision on technology and innovation.

Founded in 2015, the TMi-Rob technology is utilized in high-end medical services companies and hospitals. In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, the demand for intelligent automation in the field of medicine has increased by leaps and bounds.

TMiRob (Medical Robots) are used in the field of medicine for intelligent automation in regular activities such as distribution of food/medicines or in basic hygiene and sanitization. Typically, the robots are used to sanitize the air and surfaces of the hospital wards and corridors.

Intelligent Sterilization Robots (ISR) is one such robotic sterilization product being offered by the Socius Group. The ISR will go through the same path frequently used by people (and therefore vulnerable to any infection) and spray the sanitizer liquid at pre-programmed frequencies. The aim is to reduce the exposure of people to the hospital environment. This technology is currently used in over 60 hospitals in China, and is relatively new to UAE.