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Rocket Launch Session

Date Posted: Wed, 05 Feb, 2020

Rocket Launch Session

20th February @ Astrolabs, Courtyard, Al Quoz and 5th March @ Nook, One JLT

Proven SME strategies for increasing the value of your business.

Are you an owner who wants to grow the value of your business? To increase the speed at which your business operates? To reduce the effort required to get results? If so, then attending a Rocket Launch session is a must!

Rocket Launch is a metaphor that drives at the primary aspiration of all business owners; Freedom. and makes the case that the ultimate freedom for any business owner to own a sellable business.

The workshop is a 90-minute sleeves rolled session where you’ll look at your business through the eyes of a potential acquirer, learn the 8 key drivers of value, learn tactics to leverage them and start building action plans to get your business off of the launch pad.

BBG members will avail of 10% discount when signing up for a 12-month LaunchPad programme.  Please log into your BBG account for further details.