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BBG Exclusive Offer: Risk Register

Date Posted: Wed, 05 Feb, 2020

BBG Exclusive Offer: Risk Register

Lifecare International would like to make the following limited offer to the first twelve BBG member companies to apply, for a bespoke risk register. 

We will visit, tour, listen, ask questions, and then assemble without charge or obligation, a Risk Register for any company that would find it useful.  We’d look at premises, machinery, equipment, vehicles, contracts, ergonomics, workplace risks, professional liabilities, money and cyber security, etc. and give a tabulated report showing which current general insurance policies cover which current perils, highlighting any areas of exposure which could/should be addressed or insured perils which the company will never face.   

We can also review Directors’ Insurance, Key Person insurance, Directors’ Life and Critical Illness policies, and succession risk planning.  Our core business is group medical insurance, and population health management.

We often find gaps in cover, about which companies did not know, As an example, we recently worked with a new client company that had taken a contract in Egypt, but reviewing their existing Workmens Compensation Insurance, brokered by an internationally known competitor, showed it only covered UAE work, and excluded ports and harbours.  They were seriously exposed when an insured staff member had life-changing injuries on his floating crane near Suez.

This is a strictly limited offer, available to the first 12 BBG member companies contacting Jason Freeborn BBG Members must indicate their BBG Member ID number to avail the offer

Telephone:  +971 (0) 4 305 9500 ext: 588

Mobile Phone: & WhattsApp +971 56 547 7616 

Jason's Linked-In Profile is Here