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New Opportunities through Emiratisation by Helen Barrett, Partner, CBD Corporate Services

Date Posted: Thu, 21 Nov, 2019

New Opportunities through Emiratisation by Helen Barrett, Partner, CBD Corporate Services

Emiratisation is not a new government policy, and yet it has been featured in the news a number of times over recent weeks since H. H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, outlined the UAE cabinets ?10 steps for Emiratisation? in early September.

These included new training initiatives and new recruitment drives, targeting new sectors.  By expanding the targeted sectors more companies are able to engage with the Emiratisation process and take advantage of an enhanced candidate network during their recruitment process.

Similar programmes apply in a number of countries with many restricting out of country recruitment to specific job titles, but this is not the case here.  Instead, the UAE have taken a less expansive approach and opened up access for business’ with less than 100 staff to help them incorporate an Emiratisation process into their recruitment plans relating to new employee visas.

One of the most immediate changes that your business may experience is visa applications for new staff being referred to Tawteen Gate.  Tawteen Gate is the recruitment portal for Emirati’s to find and apply for jobs in the private sector.  Many larger companies are likely to be familiar with Tawteen Gate as these procedures have been in place for a long time.  These resources have now been made available to SME’s, who may be experiencing these initiatives for the first time.  Tawteen Gate increases the opportunity of finding the right person through an expanded pool of candidates.  By sharing your advertised position with individuals who may not have previously been aware of your vacancy, it could also save you money on recruitment costs. 

Once quota applications are submitted, if there is a suitable candidate registered with Tawteen Gate then companies are prompted to register for an Open Day where they will be able to meet and interview candidates matching their requirements.

The position and the quota application will be frozen while any available candidates attend an interview at the Open Day during the Tawteen process.  It is important to make quote applications early in your recruitment drive to allow candidates to attend the next available Open Day.

If the Emiratisation process and Tawteen Gate are new to your company, then it is important to factor in extra time for any upcoming recruitment drives and engage with the government early in the process.  At CBD, we ensure all our clients are kept up to date with the latest regulations.  If you are looking for a local partner that can guide you through Emiratisation and considerations for recruitment, please contact us on

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