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The Special Contingency Risks (SCR) Workshop

Date Posted: Thu, 03 Oct, 2019

The Special Contingency Risks (SCR) Workshop

Event synopsis provided by SCR

The Special Contingency Risks (SCR) workshop led by Nigel Basham, Global Head of Risk Advisory looking at cyber extortion and cyber enabled crime and examining how modern communication methods are changing the way we must manage a crisis in the twenty first century was a success. Nigel was joined by Tim Holt who lead a discussion on global political, social and economic stresses and the way they influence and shape the current and future cyber landscape. Considerations of geopolitics, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, governance and regulation as well as the nature of organised and opportunist crime all highlighted the fact that it is the culture of organisations on which the firm cyber-defences are based.

Followed by our guest speaker who shared their experience and steps taken when they suffered from a cyber attack last year.

Nigel Basham finished by giving a fascinating presentation to allow the audience an insight into the challenges of managing a cyber-attack, both during and post-incident. As an international hostage and crisis negotiator, Nigel also shared his expert views of the vulnerabilities of the people involved in such attacks and explained the importance of getting communications right, to help protect reputations and allow organisations to recover rapidly.

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