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Barclays | FX & EM Macro Strategy

Date Posted: Mon, 02 Sep, 2019

Barclays | FX & EM Macro Strategy

BBG Member Barclays has shared this in-depth report into the currency market implications with a no-deal Brexit.

Special Report
20 August 2019

• We expect GBP to fall a further 9% on a NEER basis in a no-deal Brexit, mainly due to the expected short-run dislocations in the economy that we expect to result and the related policy response from the Bank of England.
• While we cannot exclude short-term ‘flash crashes’, we believe EURGBP will find a ceiling just below parity and GBPUSD will find a floor near 1.09.
• As the short-term shock to both economies settle, we expect the reduction in uncertainty to induce a rebound in GBP to near current depressed levels versus the EUR, but accelerated EUR weakness to keep cable suppressed near 1.09.

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