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A Guide to Event Registration

Date Posted: Wed, 02 Oct, 2019

A Guide to Event Registration

By Graham Stewart, Head of Digital at DelegateManager

Regardless of the type of event you’re in charge of, whether it’s conferences, meetings, open days or awards dinners (among many others), an online event registration tool can make your life a whole lot easier. By reducing the time your attendees have to spend registering for an event or finding out much-needed information, you will improve their event experience, making guests far more likely to feel positive about your event and return for the next one.

If you are struggling with registering or welcoming guests at your event, here’s what you need to know.

What is event registration?

Event registration is the moment in which a delegate makes the decision to attend your event, by registering interest, purchasing a ticket or signing up for a place.
This can be done in many different ways – online, in person or by phone. This is usually the first step of direct contact in the customer journey for event professionals, meaning you need to get it right.

Who needs an event registration system?

All event professionals responsible for registering attendees, communicating event details and checking in at an event should use an event registration system of some kind.
How you use it and what you need from it will differ, but you should invest in a good system if you want to make the event registration process as smooth as possible for you and your attendees.

What are the benefits of an online event registration system?

There are many clear benefits to using an online event registration tool, from ease of use to reducing time – and in the long run, money.
Having an easy-to-use online event registration tool is also ideal for collecting much-needed data from your attendees. Being able to communicate with them using this data, pre, during and post event will help to enhance your guests’ experience of the event.
Reducing the wait at arrival for an event is also a huge benefit of online event registration. With a digital tool, there is no longer a need for pen and paper slowing down each stage of on-site registration.

It’s clear that utilising the best registration tool for your event will allow you to keep up to date with attendee information and help with the overall management of your event. Not only does it help with your management of the event, but it will also positively impact the enjoyment of the event for attendees.