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FSI Consultancy Services

Date Posted: Mon, 02 Sep, 2019

FSI Consultancy Services

FSI has built an international reputation for the provision and management of ethically recruited work forces.

We have been recognized by the United Nations. We have won awards on the international stage for our work in: combatting labour trafficking; working with our clients to ensure they have visibility of their full labour supply chain; and implementing systems to ensure they are free of forced labour.

FSI are specialists in identifying and mitigating labour supply chain risks and developing practical solutions to achieve FAIR labour compliant supply chains. Since its inception in 2006, FSI has developed a best in class approach to the recruitment and management of migrant workers. We are currently providing a FAIR labour solution for employers of migrant workers at several sites in the Middle East and are in discussions with several government agencies and NGOs about the provision of expert advice and support to FAIR labour programs.

FSI is the principal Nepal based recruiter for the FAIR Work Project in Jordan, a project led by the ILO and funded by DFID.

The Risks to non-compliance with UK 2015 Modern Day Slavery and 2010 Bribery Acts:

Many UK Companies operating across Asia, the Middle East and Africa, or with labour supply chains in those regions, are currently underestimating their risk exposure to the Bribery Act and Modern Slavery Act. Debt bondage and other forms of illegal exploitation are commonplace in those regions and the labour supply chains of many companies will be infected by these practices. As a result, UK directors may find themselves exposed to prosecution under the Bribery Act or non-compliance under the Modern Slavery Act.

The Bribery Act is unusual in that it applies worldwide, provided the business in question has a presence in the UK, and is very broadly drafted. The illicit fees demanded from candidates by source country recruitment agencies represent offences under Sections 1 and 2 of the Bribery Act. Section 7 of the Act creates an offence of failing to prevent bribery and thus vicarious liability for acts of subcontractors and agents, irrespective of where the bribery takes place. Whilst, to date, there have been relatively few prosecutions of directors and companies, many more such prosecutions are now expected and in recent cases multi-year prison sentences have been passed for directors, along with punitive financial penalties for companies.

The Modern Slavery Act is a landmark piece of legislation, which explicitly recognises and outlaws international labour supply chain abuses. At the moment, the Act only applies to those companies with a UK presence and a global turnover in excess of £36m and imposes a requirement to publish an annual slavery and human trafficking compliance statement. However, its scope is expected to grow and so early adoption of MSA compliance is highly recommended.

FSI Worldwide was founded to bring international best practice to the recruitment and management of migrant workers from the developing world. FSI's ethos is centred on the principle that investing in people and protecting them from illegal exploitation enhances the productivity, quality outputs and reputations of our clients, resulting not only in legal and ethical compliance but also higher profitability.

To discover how FSI can help to protect your company and directors from the risks of non-compliance with the Bribery and Modern Slavery Acts, and to discuss the benefits of ethical recruitment and management of labour, please contact Nick Forster, VP and Founder of FSI Worldwide on