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Five things every business exec needs to get in great shape

Date Posted: Wed, 03 Jul, 2019

Five things every business exec needs to get in great shape

Explore the 5 key things that work for all our corporate clients who want to achieve incredible body transformation results and perform optimally both at work and in the gym.

A healthy body promotes a healthy mind – and in business that’s absolutely key to performing your best every single day.

We don’t have to tell you that being fitter, eating healthier and exercising regularly has myriad benefits – when you’re in great shape, you think sharper, perform better and feel more confident.

Achieving success in business has many parallels with achieving success in business - particularly when it comes to goal-setting, planning and building success habits into your day. 

We have worked with hundreds of high-flying CEOs and successful businesspeople at Ultimate Performance Dubai to get results and learn the tools and habits to maintain them. 

There are five key things that work for all our corporate clients who want to achieve incredible body transformation results and perform optimally both at work and in the gym:


Set a goal following the SMART principle:

Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time

Just saying you want to ‘lose some body fat’ is a recipe for a wayward diet and zero progress.

A better goal would be: 

‘I want to lose 20 pounds (specific) of body fat in 15 weeks (measurable, achievable, time), so I can look great on the beach this summer and fit into my clothes again! (relevant).’

Once you have set this goal, write it down, stick it on your fridge and make it a top priority in your life. 

If you can prioritise your health and fitness goals consistently, sticking to them will be no problem.


Just as unrealistic, vague goals can scupper your motivation and progress, so too can the lack of clear and precise goals. 

Make sure you plan: 

  • The days and times you are going to train.
  • The meals you are going to eat each day.
  • The time you need to wake up to get your day started the right way. 

Making these days and times non-negotiable and putting them in your diary like an important business meeting is key to making sure the workouts get done.

Planning ahead with your meals will help you stick to a healthy eating plan much easier. Pre-planning and preparing meals for the day means you will have an optimal food choice right there when you need it and avoid scenarios where you are hungry and are more likely to make poor food choices and grab something unhealthy on-the-go.

It is ultimately more time efficient if you can prep 3-4 days’ worth of meals in one go.


To make new fitness goals fit with your lifestyle, you need to create good habits. 

No matter what the specific goal is, the clients who do best at Ultimate Performance tend to follow these habits: 

  • Every meal must contain protein
  • Eat veggies at each meal
  • Eat a mix of healthy fats daily
  • Hit 10,000 steps daily
  • Drink 3+ litres of water 

The great thing about these habits is that they’re extremely flexible to different lifestyles, and can be tailored to what works best for you.


It’s very rare that we’ll get a client who never slips up once during their first 12 weeks. 

The key is how you manage it and what you do after. 

We always tell our clients that one bad meal or day on your diet doesn't break your transformation, just as one good meal or day doesn't make your transformation. 

The clients who do best are the ones that respond to a momentary slip at one meal, by getting right back onto their diet by the very next one. 

Accountability can help a lot with this. 

Hiring a trainer is one way, but the easiest and often the best method is to tell all your family and friends what you're trying to achieve.It will make you accountable and more likely to stick to your goals. 

If you don’t have a personal trainer, you can easily recreate this by getting a training partner with similar goals to you so you both keep each other on track. 

If you struggle with healthy eating, recruit a ‘diet partner’ - either a friend who wants to diet alongside you too, or a family member who is willing to keep you accountable. 

Commit to sending each other a short message at the end of each day with these four things: 

  • Your morning bodyweight e.g. 60kg
  • Your daily step count e.g. 12,000 steps
  • Your training summary e.g. full body workout
  • Your itemised food diary e.g. Screenshots from MyFitnessPal.


If your goals have any impact upon your health and/or are genuinely important to you, then professional advice should be regarded as an investment, not an expense. Too many people waste too much time getting nowhere and following erroneous, if well-meaning, advice. 

A good professional can fast-track your progress and often be the difference between success and failure through frustration caused by mistakes and overly slow and limited progress. We very rarely see a new client who isn’t familiar with the gym, but we almost never see a new client who knows how to exercise and eat properly for their specific goals and physical and biochemical makeup. 

What can a trainer do? 

  • Ensure you are on the right plan.
  • Keep you accountable to your goals.
  • Plan your journey around your lifestyle
  • Teach you the correct way to train to accelerate results and protect from injury.

If you want more information on a personal training and nutrition plan to achieve your fitness, health and body composition goals, click here or visit email