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Date Posted: Tue, 05 Feb, 2019


Our new Business, Business Lite and Individual Members for January 2019


From Pamela Ferrie. Membership Manager    

Thanks to our New Year Offer of waiving joining fees for all membership categories, January was particularly busy for the BBG Membership Team. All in all, Lindsay, our office intern, Cherie, and I managed to turn around all email and phone requests and I am very proud to say the majority did decide to become members. We now have 24 new members who have completed their profiles and know exactly how to make the most of their BBG membership.
Calling all other members old and fairly new to the group, can you say the same? Call us if you need any help; that’s what we’re here for!
Please join us in welcoming our new members for January. And if you would like to be connected with anyone in particular, you can find all their details in the directory. Or just let me or Lindsay know who you would like to meet and we will facilitate a personal introduction for you.