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In the Hot Seat with...

Date Posted: Thu, 01 Nov, 2018

In the Hot Seat with...

BBG Events Manager, Charmaine Dylanco

1. How long have you been in Dubai?
I celebrated my 10th year in Dubai in July!

2.How long have you worked for BBG?
It’s been eight years and counting now... Time flies when you’re having fun!

3.What made you join the BBG Dubai & Northern Emirates?
BBG Dubai is one of the biggest and most active business councils in the GCC. We were awarded and recognised by The Telegraph as the “Best Business Club in the World” for two consecutive years. Being part of the engine that keeps the BBG moving is a remarkable experience - and challenge – for me, and I love it!

4.What does your role involve?
As Events Manager, I work with the BBG Dubai business team, organising over 70 events per year and making sure BBG Dubai maintains a quality event service to our members. Having eight years of BBG history and experience, I have become a central point for all kinds of questions from the Business Team!

5. What do you like most about working for BBG?
I love meeting different people from all walks of life.

6. Is there anything special you have been working on?
Following our recent strategy day and deep dive, I was tasked, along with our Finance Officer Eileen, to re-define BBG Dubai’s value proposition to our members. I believe the value proposition is the heart and soul of BBG Dubai, which makes this task both challenging and exciting! I can’t wait to share with you what we have been working on, just watch this space…

7.What’s next? Any big projects/events for you?
After re-defining our value proposition, getting the message to our existing and potential members is key! So, we will be working closer with Sam, our PR and Communications Consultant, and Lara, our Director of Communications, to ensure we deliver this message to you! That, along with upcoming major events – our Great British BBQ this weekend, and the annual Great British Christmas Ball - will keep me busy until the end of the year!