**How to Stay Productive When You Don’t Have a Boss**

Date Posted:Wed, 3rd Apr 2024

**How to Stay Productive When You Don’t Have a Boss**

Entrepreneur, Solo-preneur, Self Employed, we go by many names but safe to say whatever title we take for ourselves, all of us, at some point, will have been sat at our kitchen table or, in a room that has been re-designated as our “office”, staring at the wall and missing the human interaction we had when we were on a payroll.


I know this because this is me. I am a Coach, I am self employed and I get distracted. So, for those of you out there who can remember when this was you or, if it still is, here are my top tips.

1️⃣ Find other places to work

If being on your own is only leading to you being productive in terms of “redesigning” your home office, or Marie Condo-ing your wardrobe, get out and find somewhere else to work.
Cafes & co-working spaces generally have good wifi and are happy to have their space looking busy.

2️⃣ Go for a coffee with someone interesting

As social creatures being around other people helps us to be calmer and this in turn will help us tap into our human brain (we’ll talk Three Brain Theory another time) which is more creative & forward thinking. It doesn’t even matter if the person you meet isn’t a prospect, networking can lead to
Interesting & simulating conversations
Connections with potential clients
Ideas for social media content
Other business opportunities
And so much more

3️⃣ Know why you are doing what you’re doing

Simon Sinek’s book, “Start with Why”, talks about this in more detail but fundamentally if you don’t have a “why” that has an emotional anchor you are only going to make it more challenging for yourself to stay focused and to get others onboard with your idea/s when the time comes.
We sometimes shy away from the emotional reasons for starting our journey in preference for the objective and often financial drivers. However, if you have a strong emotional reason, that you remind yourself of often, it will be that, that will get you through the dark times and the panic you feel at 3am.

4️⃣ Remind yourself that NO ONE is productive all the time & plan that way

On average office workers are productive for less than 3 hours per day. If that is the case then if you are not being productive for 8 hours straight it doesn’t make you lazy, it makes you human.
Plan non-productive and productive time into your working day; that way you are not being distracted, you are just following the plan you have set yourself.

These are just a few ways to help put you into a more productive mindset when you need to be productive. Let me know what your best hacks to productivity are.

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