Emiratisation is not just about numbers

Date Posted:Wed, 3rd Apr 2024

Emiratisation is not just about numbers

The recent tweet by MOHRE underscores a critical aspect of Emiratisation by explaining what Fake emiratisation is.


They say it’s:

• Hiring a UAE national in the company with a nominal position without actual work

• Rehiring UAE nationals in their existing roles within the same company

• It aims to circumvent Emiratisation targets and benefit from Nafis”

To read the tweet from MOHRE click here

Fake Emiratisation isn't just a policy violation; it's a disservice to Emirati talent and undermines the essence of Emiratisation efforts. The Emiratisation policy’s primary objective is to offer enhanced job prospects and professional advancement to Emirati citizens. By actively encouraging businesses to embrace and nurture local talent, the UAE is not only reducing reliance on foreign workers but also propelling vibrant economic development. Although, Emiratisation is often treated as merely a tick box exercise to meet government numerical targets.

However, it should go beyond metrics. It’s about our dedication as leaders to cultivate a workplace environment where Emirati professionals feel not only welcomed but a real sense of value and belonging. This empowerment is not a one-time initiative, it involves providing the necessary cultural education to your whole organisation to ensure that we are culturally intelligent in terms of how we support, resource, and provide opportunities for Emiratis and all other nationals within our workforce.

I am still surprised by the continued absence of prayer rooms in numerous corporate offices and the persistence of alcohol-centric elements in various employee functions. Meeting agendas often overlook the consideration of prayer time, international projects not factoring in Islamic holidays or Ramadan hours and instances persist where individuals attempt to shake hands with Muslim colleagues of the opposite gender.

Creating a workplace where Emiratis can truly thrive involves improving the cultural intelligence levels within our workforce. This strategic approach necessitates an organisational commitment to educating and building an understanding of various cultures. Introducing initiatives that include targeted educational programs aimed at enhancing awareness of different cultural customs, traditions, and values. Workshops, seminars, and training sessions can be tailored to equip our workforce with the skills necessary to navigate the intricacies of multicultural communication. By instilling this knowledge in our employees, we empower our workforce to navigate multicultural interactions with sensitivity and respect.

Our goal should be to create a workplace where Emirati professionals feel not only accepted but truly understood. Where we proactively address potential barriers to effective collaboration. This approach not only contributes to the personal and professional growth of our team members but also builds a collaborative spirit that drives organisational success.

Emiratisation is not just about numbers, it’s also about creating an equitable space for Emiratis in the workplace. Fake Emiratisation isn't just a policy violation; it's a disservice to Emirati talent and undermines the essence of Emiratisation efforts. True Emiratisation means going beyond recruitment quotas to ensure Emirati employees feel valued, respected, and supported. It means providing facilities like prayer rooms, female restrooms, and spaces for cultural activities. Moreover, it entails offering avenues for career growth, mentorship, and leadership roles.

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