BCB’s March Newsletter: Saudi Arabia

Date Posted:Thu, 28th Mar 2024

BCB’s March Newsletter: Saudi Arabia

Since we started out in 2013, our main focus has been on our home market of the UAE. However, in recent years we’ve seen increasing interest from UK exporters in Saudi Arabia and in the last couple of months alone we’ve managed incoming missions to the LEAP and Big5 trade shows in Riyadh, covering the tech and construction sectors respectively.


As we outline in our accompanying blogs here, the Vision 2030 programme is spurring seismic economic & social changes across the Kingdom which is driving demand for goods & services from around the world to build, transform and sustain the country into the future as it looks to rebalance away from a hydrocarbon and public sector dominated economy.

To meet the growing interest we’re seeing in KSA amongst our clients in the UK, internationally and also from domestic entities in KSA itself, we have just opened an office in Riyadh through our parent company, OCO Global, which will allow us to further our work in the Kingdom.

If you are a UK exporter looking to understand Saudi, plan your approach, research your options or build a market-entry strategy please do get in touch; we’d love to help you explore this exciting but still hard-to-access market.

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