How to Create Effective Teams for Prosperous Results in Business

Date Posted:Thu, 8th Feb 2024

How to Create Effective Teams for Prosperous Results in Business

This week, our networking event got into the ‘psyche’ of why we do, say or behave in the way we do whilst in the workplace. The Masterclass was led by Charlotte Spurway, a British psychologist who leads both corporate workshops and personal therapy sessions for individuals and couples.


There were over 30+ BCC members, comprising of line managers, business owners, consultants and aspiring employees who participated in an interactive session to better understand Integrated Attachment Systems (IAS) and how this affects productivity, communication, behaviours and well-being on an individual level to allow a deeper understanding for managers and leaders.   

Integrated attachment is formed in childhood and shapes how we think, feel and behave and changes as we journey through life. Understanding employees & clients from an IAS perspective supports us by being able to understand why we do what we do and therefore how to best manage others for healthier emotions, thoughts & behaviours for optimum performance. 

Through her support with both male and female clients in working to create a secure attachment to enable them to relationship better with themselves & others. The session explored the 4 types of attachment system:

•       Secure

•       Anxious-Preoccupied

•       Dismissive Avoidant 

•       Fearful Avoidants

We explored how IAS effects our thoughts, emotions, core wounding, limiting beliefs and behaviours in both team and independent projects. As managers or leaders, we can sometimes get into the corporate-robotic habit of forgetting that our co-workers are human and all have unique specific needs. If we are unaware or unable to access our own emotional intelligence and maturity from a securely attached place, we will be unable to effectively manage others for those optimum results we all crave. 

Contact Charlotte Spurway to arrange the delivery of this IAS corporate masterclass to your team or business, or to explore personal-therapy self-investment options further.