Maximizing Your Money in 2024

Date Posted:Tue, 23rd Jan 2024

Maximizing Your Money in 2024

Following a really well received set of events last year here in the middle east, we've launched our first in-person seminar of 2024.


Alan Turner will be joined this time by Mark Routen Matthew Tailford and Daniel Abbott as we focus on what you can do, as a British national or as a holder of UK-cited assets, to optimize & protect your portfolio, guard yourself against unnecessary tax exposure, and ensure your loved ones' future financial position is not unintentionally compromised.

It will fill up, so please go ahead and register here in advance if you'd like to attend:



Navigating Property Investments (UK vs. UAE)

Uncover the tax intricacies of acquiring property as an expat

Ongoing tax obligations and strategies for effective management

Capital Gains Tax (CGT) on property sales

Ingenious ways to mitigate Inheritance Tax - Your wealth, your legacy

Crafting a Robust Retirement Plan as a UAE Resident

Unravel the complexities of contributing to existing pensions

Local options for securing your retirement nest egg

The impact of the removal of the UK lifetime allowance – Planning for the future

Smart strategies to optimize efficiency before returning to the UK

Year-end and pre-return checklist for a worry-free retirement

Self-Assessment Returns and Tax Optimization

The critical question: Do I need to complete a self-assessment return?

What to report and how to navigate the process seamlessly

Proven methods to minimize your tax obligations effectively

A roadmap to avoid common tax traps upon your return to the UK