Considering a UK Boarding School?

Date Posted:Wed, 24th May 2023

Considering a UK Boarding School?

My name is Sarah. I have been an expatriate for 25 years. I first moved to Saudi Arabia with my husband in 1998. We then moved to Bahrain, and 18 months later, we moved in Mombasa, Kenya for 3 glorious years. Then we moved to Kuwait. We loved our time in Kuwait but after 4 years and after securing school places, we moved to Bahrain, again, where we stayed for 11 wonderful years. We have now been living in Dubai for 2 and a half years. You might be asking what my husband does. All I can say is - we are very thankful he is in logistics!


My husband always jokes that he left for Saudi Arabia with one suitcase. Now we have 3 daughters, a dog and all of our possessions barely fit into a 40ft container!


While the girls were extremely lucky to be educated in these countries, attending excellent schools and making fond memories, our daughters all attended a UK boarding school since 4th Form/Year 9.


Having attended boarding schools ourselves, my husband and I were certain that we wanted to give the gift of boarding school to our daughters.

We now have one, still at boarding school, in the Lower 6th/Year 12, one at university studying drama, film studies and television and our eldest, attended Bath University and now works in HR at Amazon, in London.


The girls not only knew that by attending boarding school, we were to provide stability in their education (because we had moved countries so many times!) but that we had made strong, life-long friends before we had even started expatriate life. 


So, what about the process of choosing the right boarding school? 

All three girls are very different.


Well, I started off by looking at the league tables, results and facilities. Then I came to realize that all UK boarding schools offer superb facilities, individual tuition and guidance, to enable students to go on to achieve grades reflecting the best of their abilities. We wanted a well-rounded, friendly school, not an academic hot-house, not stuffy, nor a school that was in a big city.


As we narrowed down our choices, however, it became clear that it was the extent of the pastoral care provision that really struck a chord.


Pastoral care is everything that boarding schools do. 


Boarding not only provides a fully rounded education, but nurtures and guides students to bring out their very best individual qualities, aptitudes and personalities, helping them to navigate the emotional and physical complexities of teenage build cope with life’s ups and downs – and more importantly to find balance in a world of ever-changing pressures and distractions.


I am delighted to represent Anderson Education here in the GCC.


Anderson Education are independent UK Boarding School specialists offering families FREE, impartial, help and guidance on UK Boarding Schools, Summer Schools, and Language programmes.


Anderson Education have been working with ex-pat families, worldwide, for the past 25 years; to support families to find the right school for their children and to ensure that they develop and grow and achieve their potential, in a safe, secure and nurturing environment.


Anderson Education have visited over 350 UK boarding schools and are able to recommend and identify what is special and unique about each school. 


This is the key to our success.


Our aim is to help cut the amount of time the school search can take, as our input of accurate up-to-date expertise is exceptional,  and efficient. We draw on our knowledge to provide the 'know-how' to solve family concerns, and in some cases, most challenging problems.


Why a UK boarding school? 


Provides stability of education

Facilitates a stepping stone to university

Provides outstanding learning support and expert tuition and guidance

Nurtures individual talents such as sports or the arts


'For the forward thinkers, makers, debaters and creators. The pioneers who ask why. And why not. For tomorrow’s leaders; not defined by where they have gone, but where they are yet to go.'

(Uppingham School Website)



So, if you are considering a UK boarding school for your child, please join us at our upcoming exhibition. We arrange UK Boarding School Exhibitions in the Middle East each year, bringing heads and representatives of leading schools to meet you.  


Next Exhibition:

Anderson Education, UK Boarding School Exhibition

Saturday 11th November 2023 11:00 am - 4:00 pm

Sunday 12th November 2023 11:00 am - 4:00 pm

Grosvenor House Hotel, Dubai Marina.

FREE Registration. 



We print and distribute UK Boarding School Directories throughout the Middle East, Africa and British Forces worldwide.


We also offer very active UK Summer School Programmes. These provide a fully immersive learning opportunity together with lots of activities, outings and endless fun!



For information contact: 

Sarah Lewis

GCC Representative

Anderson Education

+971 (0)50 854 6956