Divorce in the UAE – A Helpful Overview

Date Posted:Wed, 25th Jan 2023

Divorce in the UAE – A Helpful Overview

The divorce rate in the UAE is perceived as one of the highest in the region, with over 4,200 divorces annually. When it’s evident that a marriage is beyond repair, the legal process may seem overwhelming for many, particularly in the UAE. Al Faisal Law is experienced in navigating the legal complexities that arise here, and provides trustworthy advice to help clients achieve the best outcomes.


Expat life has its own unique set of challenges, and the resources that you have at home are not usually available to you when living abroad. You may have met your partner here, but both come from different countries, or you may have married in your home country but wonder what jurisdiction you come under now that you have moved your life to the UAE.

Upcoming changes to UAE law will ease the divorce process for non-Muslim couples, but [gd1] there are still a number of considerations to navigate before lodging your divorce application. There’s significant demand for straightforward, practical advice, which is why we’re sharing these six articles covering the practicalities of divorce in the UAE, and the considerations you should make before approaching a lawyer to handle your divorce.

UAE Divorce Law

The UAE courts are distinctive in that they deal with many citizens of different nationalities. Non-Muslim and Muslim couples are handled differently under the law, and then, of course, there are marriages where one spouse is Muslim and the other is not.

Divorce in the UAE is governed by UAE Personal Status Law, and the new Civil Personal Status Law in Dubai will come into effect from 1 February 2023.  Either party can apply for a divorce and both men and women are given equal rights when it comes to the right to divorce.

The good news is that the process in the UAE can be quite speedy when compared to other countries. However, it can also be an emotional rollercoaster that leaves you confused and unsure where to begin, so taking a step back to ensure that you have gathered all the necessary information is a healthy way to help you prepare for the divorce.

Having a good lawyer to guide you through UAE legal processes is essential, particularly when it comes to a painful situation such as divorce. Georgina Delaney, Legal Consultant [gd2] with Al Faisal Law, provides an overview of approaching a divorce in the UAE and the different factors that need to be considered. 

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 [gd1]For Non-Muslims

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