UK Litigation Funding – Why is it so attractive to foreign investors?

Date Posted:Fri, 20th Jan 2023

UK Litigation Funding – Why is it so attractive to foreign investors?

Ray Leary, CEO of Fresh Start UK explains the opportunities of a safe and secure investment opportunity in UK Litigation Funding.


The UK has thousands of legitimate claims for mis-selling against financial institutions such as banks, credit card companies and others. A mis-selling claim is where the lender has added unfair commission to agreements with the client and has not informed the client.


The UK Supreme Court ruled that the case of Plevin V Paragon Personal Finance was unfair due to Plevin not being aware of the high level of commission charged and not disclosed. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) ruled that excessive commission was a mis-spelling.

The number of potential claims estimated by the FCA is thought to be around 1.2 million, ensuring sufficient consumer litigation cases for a minimum of 10 years.


The issue is that many claimants are not in a position to pay the legal fees for lawyers to act on their behalf in any court proceedings. This is where Litigation Funding comes in.


Litigation Funding is where an outside party (Investor) covers the legal costs of a claimant's case in return for a percentage of the compensation paid to the successful claimant that is payable by large financial institutions (Banks, Finance Companies, Credit Card companies etc).


Capital is invested into an individual client account, then the funds are invested into individual cases managed by our UK-based law firm partners and when each case is completed, capital and investment profit is paid back into the client account. Our law firm is regulated by the UK Solicitors Regulatory Authority, giving clients confidence in the process.


Our Lawyers have a 96% success rate on all claims they accept.


Due to the unique nature of the Litigation Fund, investors are guaranteed 100% capital protection on their money. This is because every claim is backed by an insurance policy which the claimant must take out (or the lawyers will not accept the claim). It will cover the capital paid by the investor on any lost claims guaranteeing 100% capital protection.


In addition, a high level of return is guaranteed on all investments which are paid out at the end of the twelve-month project. Investors do not have to be UK residents.


Litigation Funding is not affected by world markets, interest rates and currencies making it one of the best-performing and safest funds available.


If any members would like to understand more about how the Litigation Fund can be an attractive option for their clients or themselves, then Fresh Start UK is hosting a Litigation Fund Webinar on Wednesday, January 25th, 2023.


To attend, click the link below to book your place in the Webinar.


Please note: minimum investment is £100,000 with no maximum investment.

Date: Wednesday, January 25th, 2023.



4:00 PM UK Time.

6:00 PM UAE Time.

7:00 PM KSA Time.

6:00 PM Cairo Time.


Alternatively, a one-to-one meeting can be arranged to discuss your requirements.

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