Top 10 Paymes Platform Benefits for Small Businesses & Freelancers

Date Posted:Tue, 22nd Nov 2022

Top 10 Paymes Platform Benefits for Small Businesses & Freelancers

As a small business owner, you are surely aware that customer payments go a long way in helping you survive and thrive.


Each product sold and each service provided contributes to the growth of your business, but only if you get paid smoothly and on time.This is the reason why it is important to have a strong payment platform in place that can accept payments in different methods, currencies, and from different regions around the world. Paymes by PayTabs is one of the best payment platforms for small businesses in this regard and provides multiple benefits. It is an amazing platform loved by freelancers as well as small business owners. Here are 10 reasons why your business needs to opt for Paymes payment platform today.

1.     Different Payment Methods

One of the biggest hassles of buying something offline is the need for carrying cash. In fact, in the physical world, many customers fail to buy products at the spur of the moment because they don’t have cash on them. Hence, this dependence on a single source of payment isn’t beneficial for businesses. Luckily, the Paymes payment platform allows customers to pay for your products in any of the modern digital methods they prefer. They can pay online, through cards, and digital wallets, and can even pay for products while sitting at home. Both customers and you will receive instant notifications so that you know that the transaction is complete.

2.     Faster and Securer Transactions

You can receive payments 10 to 50 times faster than usual by using a digital payment platform like Paymes. QR codes, payment links, card swipes, wallet deductions, and other such activities take just a few seconds to transfer money, and there is no issue of exact change as well. Customers can buy anything from candy to a brand-new car with the touch of a button. Paymes makes sure that all transactions happen securely, and that the data is protected from any kind of fraud or phishing activity.

3.     Possible to Create Your Own Digital Store

Paymes allows you to set up your own digital store without hassle. You can easily upload images of your products or services, write a short description, set the prices, and be ready to accept orders in just 20 seconds. You can brand your shop to make it easier for customers to find it. Create your own brand theme, collections, and inventory and let users add your products to their cart and place orders. It’s perfect if you don’t have a digital store or website of your own yet. Through the Paymes digital store, customers can choose your products, click on the payment link and order them instantly.

4.     Virtual POS

If you already have your own website where your products are listed, then the Paymes payment platform provides a great solution for you to start accepting payments seamlessly. You can easily integrate the Paymes Virtual POS on your website and enable customers to shop for your products in multiple ways, methods, currencies, and from different geographic locations. This is a huge step towards making your company and brand truly global.

5.     Instils Trust in Customers

Modern customers are more sceptical and aware of things than previous generations. They can easily figure out whether a website or a brand is worth trusting and sharing their data on. So, as a merchant, if you accept online payments easily and have a secure payment platform to carry out the transactions, you will be able to instil a sense of trust in customers and empower them to shop from your store without fearing fraud, duplicate products, or data leakage. Paymes offers an online invoice payment receipt as well, so that customers can track their products, decline them if there are any damages to the packaging, or return them safely if there’s an issue with the product.

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6.     Adds Convenience to Recurring Payments

There are so many OTT platforms these days, making it easy for us to watch our favourite movies and TV shows with the click of a button. But imagine the hassle if users need to pay for the service once every month, but if they forget, their services get revoked. Paymes payment platform makes recurring payments, such as Netflix subscription, convenient and cheap for all. If you’re selling a subscription service or require recurring payments from your clients, Paymes offers a smart solution. Customers can pay for a subscription once and it will automatically deduct the recurring amount without them having to go to the link or pay again.

7.     Minimum Set-Up Costs

Many business owners think that integrating a digital payment solution requires a lot of money and is only suitable for large businesses and enterprises. However, that’s not true. The Paymes payment platform can be installed free of cost and you can easily become a member of its service. Registration is also very straightforward and takes just 24 hours. While there might be transaction charges levied by the owners, they are very minimal and there’s no hidden fee involved. The benefits you will gain with a digital payment solution will cover the installation costs.

8.     Helps Keep Up with Trends

Remember that accepting digital payments is not some additional service that you will be providing your customers. It has become the preferred mode of payment these days. So, you need to cater to the same. Times are changing, and with advancements in technology, having a payment platform like Paymes will help you stay in tune with the market trends. Plus, in the wake of the pandemic, enabling contactless payments can improve your brand image.

9.     Encourages Impulse Buying

Impulse buying is common nowadays, especially among the young generation. People tend to buy things just because they like them and not really because they need them. Which basically translates to more revenue for your business. But for that, you need to make sure that online payments can happen with ease and the checkout feature is simple. This is where Paymes helps.

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10.  Enables Social Commerce

Modern customers are not just limited to retail stores or eCommerce platforms. Often, they directly contact brands and designers through social channels and get customised products from them. Paymes allows business owners like you to utilise this power of social commerce and sell products via Facebook Messenger or Instagram. Social commerce is getting popular fast and it will be beneficial for your business to be available on every social channel possible.

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To wrap up, being a small business owner or freelancer is never easy. Handling everything from the product to marketing, operations, sales, logistics, and other business aspects can be challenging, especially without help. Which is why, the Paymes digital payment platform from PayTabs makes your life a little easy and lets you collect payments or fees from customers without any hassle. It takes care of everything, so that you can focus on turning ideas into awesome products and services, and talent into profit. Kick-start your business like you always wanted to, with Paymes.