Spinneys New Sustainable Concept Store in Dubai Includes Filtered Drinking Water Refill Station by BBG Member Liquid of Life

Date Posted:Thu, 16th Dec 2021

Spinneys New Sustainable Concept Store in Dubai Includes Filtered Drinking Water Refill Station by BBG Member Liquid of Life

Locally-owned supermarket Spinneys has opened the doors of its first sustainable concept store in Dubai’s Layan community. As part of its corporate programme ‘Let’s Do Better Together’, the new branch aims to offer customers an easy, convenient way to enjoy a healthy lifestyle and to shop more sustainably.


Dedicated to providing its customers with the best possible products, in the best possible way, the store has been carefully stocked to highlight health benefits across all of its ranges. Shoppers can explore its array of organic, vegan, plant-based, high-protein, free-range, or made with reduced fats and sugar varieties - ensuring its customers not only eat well, but live well too.

Sophie Corcut, Sustainability Manager at Spinneys, commented: “As a local supermarket we have a responsibility to contribute to creating a more sustainable way of living for our community. We hope this new store concept, which we plan to roll out across the UAE, will help play a part in supporting the government’s sustainability goals.”

A key sustainability feature of the store is the filtered drinking water refill station. Alissa Craddock, Liquid of Life Business Development Manager explains: “the Water Bar is part of a new range of digital based filtered drinking water solutions from Liquid of Life which decreases reliance on single-use plastic by the beverage industry and provides a more sustainable consumption model: the refill.” Customers can refill their bottles with complimentary filtered drinking water from a sensor operated tap and the Water Bar provides botanical flavoured filtered waters.

Botanical flavours currently available are lemon balm, peppermint, rosemary and geranium and are infused with filtered still or sparkling water for AED5 to AED10 per refill. Each flavour has been carefully selected and can provide an array of health benefits. For instance, peppermint has been used for centuries as a natural remedy for indigestion, muscle pain and nausea. Geranium is known to lower stress, reduce inflammation and promote a healthy immune system. Rosemary is a source of rich antioxidants and is renowned for its cognitive abilities to boost focus and alertness. There is no sugar added to the flavours, so you get purely natural extracts.

Rukhsana Kausar, Founding Partner of Liquid of Life commented “It’s a pretty bold move for a retailer to provide complimentary filtered drinking water which demonstrates the level of commitment towards sustainability and living up to their ethos of “doing better”. It’s been great working with the team at Spinneys and as a first for retail in this region, we are excited to see what the impact this will have on changing consumer behaviour and promoting sustainable habits.”

More than your average grocery store

Aside from offering sustainable and healthy water options, Spinneys has showcased many other eco-friendly initiatives at the Layan Store. As you wander through the store you will notice a variety of other refill stations for baking items, nuts, pulses, pasta, coffee, honey, candy, household cleaners and more. Customers get a discount for using their own containers to refill items and the store is also solar powered. There is a dedicated section to highlight local brands and no single use plastic bags are used at checkout. Additionally, there is a colony of bees live on the rooftop to promote pollination of local flora.

It surely is a unique experience, so be sure to grab your refillable bottles, containers and reusable shopping bags and head over to the Layan community to see what all the buzz is about (bee pun intended)!