Top Schools Awards 2021 - Sponsorship opportunity

Date Posted:Wed, 8th Sep 2021 Top Schools Awards 2021 - Sponsorship opportunity

"As schools we have a huge responsibility for the adults of the future, who will make and shape the world to come. Teaching is a profession that should be applauded. Everyone who attended the Top Schools Awards puts nothing but their heart and soul into every new day working for our students." Sasha Crabb, Principal, Victory Heights Primary School


Can you help us make a difference in the world? Do you believe that education is important and deserves to be celebrated?

Part of Which Media, and sister to, we are, the UAE’s leading web site for helping all parents find the best schools for their children, and home to the Top Schools Awards, the UAE wide awards recognising schools and educationalists that make such a profound impact on the lives, hopes, potential and gifts of all those that will follow us – today’s children, tomorrow’s leaders.

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We are looking for sponsors of our extraordinary Top Schools Awards – individuals and companies who recognise just how centrifugally important and special schools and teachers are to all our lives and to the UAE. The Awards exist for a single purpose – to acknowledge the teachers, schools, principals, and educationalists who will guide and equip those who, ultimately, will be delivering on the UAE’s Vision 2030 and Centennial 2071 strategic goals, meet the climate change challenge, and safeguard the future of this country, and with their peers globally, that of the world.

This November, the UAE will come to life in the most beautiful, moving, and inspirational way to celebrate all those who do so much for us all, but who so often simply go unrecognised.

There are 27 Awards, covering every part of education - from the arts to sport to STEM; from the Best Teacher Award to an award for an individual has made such a profound contribution to education that we think they deserve their own special recognition.

We are looking for supportive companies and individuals who care deeply about the importance of education, that are genuine, fit with our ideals and have a sense, like us, that teachers, schools and all those working for our children in education should have a night of the year especially for them and a further 12 months of the year exploring and celebrating all their achievements.  


  • Best School in The UAE For Theatre, Dance, and the Performing Arts
  • Best School in The UAE For Music
  • Best School in The UAE For Fine Art and Creative Studio Work
  • Best School for Sport
  • Best Early Childhood Centre
  • Best Primary School
  • Best British Curriculum School
  • Best Indian Curriculum School
  • Best American Curriculum School
  • Best Blended Arabic Curriculum School
  • Best 1B Curriculum School
  • Best Blended 1B Curriculum School
  • Best School for Technical and Vocational Stream Education
  • Best Mainstream School for Children of Determination 1 5. Best New School
  • Best Early Childhood Teacher
  • Best Primary Teacher
  • Best Secondary Teacher
  • Best Principal
  • Best University
  • The Top School Award for Architecture, Environment, Design and Sustainability
  • The Top School Award for Most Innovative School
  • The Top School Award for Value Add And Leaving No Child Behind
  • The Top School Award for Happiest School
  • The Top School Award for the Most Outstanding Response to COVID-19 by A School
  • The Top School Award For Outstanding Contribution to Education

Individuals and companies will have different sector interests and passions, but the unifying element of partnering with us, on any one of these awards, is the opportunity to align your business with something that matters, to the UAE, to families and decision makers across almost every conceivable business, industry and governmental sector. For those who wish to introduce themselves, with the integrity that shines from being a supporter of our Awards, the opportunity here is simply unmatchable. Our education-focused reach to families and supporting sectors is the most powerful of any organisation in the UAE. 

To learn more about how you can make a real difference, reach families across the UAE, and help us create something important for those who do so much, please contact my colleague Eimear.   

By Email: Please contact Eimear at:

By Phone: Please contact Eimear on: +9714 (0) 557 027 467

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