Happy New Year from BBG Membership Manager, Pamela

Date Posted:Wed, 9th Jan 2019

Happy New Year from BBG Membership Manager, Pamela

So its your first day back at work after the festive season, you have more unread emails that you know what to do with, and you haven?t yet changed your old 2018 desk calendar to a new 2019 version (you?re welcome).


Most of us will have words with ourselves just before the clock strikes midnight on the 31st, something along the lines of ‘’I will build a better business network in 2019, I will try my best to learn new and exciting things about my industry.’’ We all have the aim of getting ahead of our competitors, and becoming improved versions of our corporate self. And then there is the work life balance, you will ensure that it’s a healthy one in 2019, more time spent with family and friends, and only productive, worthwhile hours spent in the office.

My role this year is to make sure you, our members, get the most out of your BBG Membership, so please before you start replying to all those emails, take a minute to think how you can spend this year opening the many business opportunity windows that the BBG has to offer you.

My advice would be, 

- Each month make sure to attend at least one BBG Business Briefing or Networking event,

- Aim to connect with at least five new BBG members online or on social media each month. Did you know you can ask the friendly BBG Business Team to assist with personal introductions;

- If there is a social event that month, get your family and friends involved! Its not all about business at the BBG, well mostly, but we have put on some fantastic family friendly socials recently and aim to continue doing so throughout 2019.

We want to build the BBG community as a strong a network with lots of well connected members, who know straight away ‘that member’ they met a few months back at a networking event is exactly the person we can connect you to!

We have decided to offer a New Year Membership Offer, waiving the joining fee for any new members who confirm before 17th January! Please do share with your network!

So please start booking our events, get logged into the BBG website (we can assist if you need a reminder of your password) and help us to help you expand what already is the go-to-business group in region!

Pamela Ferrie, BBG Membership Manager