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WEBINAR: Using the Power of Story to Emerge Strong

Event Date: Tue, 21 Apr, 2020
Event Time: 1:58 PM to 2:58 PM
Venue: Online
Location: Online

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The world is mostly frozen in place due to the Coronavirus. Businesses that have clarified their message are much more likely to survive and come out of this stronger.

In this 60-minute live virtual workshop, you will learn to use the Storybrand Framework to cut through the noise, connect with customers and engage your teams.

The Corona virus pandemic has resulted in a dramatic increase in information being shared – e-mails, WhatsApps, social media, government communication, Zoom calls and more. People are worried, uncertain which information to trust and overwhelmed with so much “NOISE”.    WHEN we emerge from this crisis, the leaders and businesses that communicate clearly and concisely will Emerge Strong.

* Have you adapted your marketing message in response to the Corona virus pandemic?
* Are your sales people ready to differentiate your products in a downturn?
* Have you equipped your leaders with the skills to communicate tough messages clearly?
* Are the leaders in your business able to capture the hearts and minds of your teams?

A confusing message, whether its external or internal, will be lost in the NOISE

Story is the most powerful weapon we have to combat NOISE. 

The Storybrand 7-Part Framework uses ancient storytelling principles to help you clarify your message. Once you learn the framework, you’ll be seen, heard and understood, both in your company’s internal and external communication. 

1.    Learn the Storybrand 7-part framework In this 90 minute workshop
2.    Filter your communication through the framework
3.    Get traction on everything you are trying to accomplish

For Individuals:
* Create more effective marketing material
* Create sales scripts that work
* Lead teams effectively

For Organisations:
* Increase revenue
* Connect with customers
* Position your organisation in the marketplace
* Combat confusion about organisation objectives
* Align and streamline sales messaging

The Storybrand Framework will help you communicate more clearly, giving you a competitive advantage. 

Matt Jennison is the Founder and CEO of One Zebra Communication Technologies: 
Hear what Matt’s clients have to say here - http://bit.ly/Tylerfeedback and here - http://bit.ly/virtualmarketingcoach 
Connect with Matt on LinkedIn here - https://www.linkedin.com/in/mattjennison/