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Lifecare International Insurance Brokers LLC

Khalid Al Attar Tower, 2/F Sheikh Zayed Road

Company Type - Insurance
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Contact Number - 97143059500
Emirates - Dubai
Postal Code - 71208
Address - Khalid Al Attar Tower, 2/F Sheikh Zayed Road

About Company

Current business Lifecare International, an ISO 9001 certified organisation, was founded in Kenya in 1996 and is an authorised insurance broker in that country with offices in Nairobi and Mombasa. In 2000 the company established itself in the UAE where it operates its Head Office in Dubai and has the status of sole Scheme Adviser for Bupa, one of the world’s largest medical insurance providers. This Scheme Adviser status confers upon Lifecare particular support provided by Bupa. In return for this support Lifecare sells Bupa’s award winning international health insurance plans. For regional or local coverage it is able to sell the products of whichever provider it chooses. Whilst Lifecare’s business began as predominantly a broker for medical insurance, the UAE operation established a financial services arm in 2003 which markets life assurance, savings and investment products.