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Inspirational Development Group

Office B4 Floor 5, One JLT Building, DMCC, Dubai

Company Type - Business Services
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Contact Number - +971568964262
Emirates - Dubai
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Address - Office B4 Floor 5, One JLT Building, DMCC, Dubai

About Company

IDG is a global leadership and management performance consultancy working with countries, corporations and enterprises to deliver sustainable change in individual, team and organisational behaviour. Today’s business executives are forced to lead in a VUCA world; one that is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. IDG works with leaders to enable them to respond to these challenges by being agile, flexible, innovative and forward thinking. IDG has a unique partnering agreement with the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (RMAS), a global centre of excellence which trains future leaders for both the British Army and others from across the world. Our approach is based on extensive experience and a firm belief that people cannot be “taught” to be leaders nor to work as a team. However, through a combination of well-designed and facilitated activities they can be helped to understand, value and capitalise on their individual talents and experiences. They can also be helped to develop key skills and to modify behaviours that are unhelpful and may work against the common purpose.