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9 Perseverance Works, Kingsland Road London

Company Type - IT/ Digital/ Technology
Url - https://www.financialsoftware.co.uk
Contact Number - +971 553626102
Emirates - Dubai
Postal Code - E2 8DD
Address - 9 Perseverance Works, Kingsland Road London

About Company

Financial Software Limited (FSL) is a specialist software development and data company supporting the private banking and wealth management industry. Established in 1994 our software products and securities data are used by more than 100 financial firms. Over half of the top 20 private wealth management firms rely on our products as part of their portfolio management operations. Our core product CGix, a portfolio tax management application, is a well established brand name. ETHix; our new ESG (Environmental Social & Governance) portfolio tool focuses on evidenced and contextual corporate data, that underlies ESG indexes, to give credibility to investment decisions. As a company, what we are the most proud of is our reputation for service, reliability and support.