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Flora Castillon

Company Type - Consulting
Url - www.floracastillon.com
Contact Number - +971 52 531 2137
Emirates - Dubai
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In my last position as Director of Sales and Visitor Experience at Louvre Abu Dhabi, I realised that whilst my mentoring greatly benefited my high-performing team, fostering their potential and inspiring them was not enough. We would always get to a point where some fundamental inner mental blocks and behavioural patterns stopped them from reaching their full potential, whether in their professional or personal life. As a Transformational Life Coach, I help my clients get to the root cause of why they feel stuck, be it imposter syndrome, fear of public speaking, overworking in the search for perfection, or procrastinating doing things that are fundamentally good for them. I help my client overcome anxiety, overloaded minds and a lack of clarity so they can reach their full potential and realise their ambitions with ease and confidence. I use a very fast pace method using both subconscious and conscious work in order to rewire belief systems.