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Portas Consulting

44a Southampton Buildings, London, WC2A 1AP

Company Type - Consulting
Url - http://www.portasconsulting.com
Contact Number - +44 (0)7818 000515
Emirates - Dubai
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Address - 44a Southampton Buildings, London, WC2A 1AP

About Company

We are dedicated to maximising the benefits of sport and physical activity for governments, sports bodies and corporates, and through them for society. Providing independent advice to senior executives on their most critical, urgent and complex challenges on a global level we combine unparalleled expertise in sport and physical activity with blue chip management consulting credentials. With offices in London, Dubai, Riyadh and Singapore, our projects are wide and varied, spanning strategy, organisation, governance, project management and implementation. Recent examples include: ? creating the National Sport and Physical Activity Policy for Mauritius ? developing the Mass Participation strategy for Saudi Arabia ? devising a market entry strategy for a global ticketing company ? designing strategies and operating models for a number of major UK governing bodies ? developing an insight-led organisation for a global sports retailer.