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Aquashi UAE 1704, Palace Tower Silicon Oasis, Dubai, UAE

Company Type - Business Services
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Contact Number - + 971 4 3208777
Emirates - Dubai
Postal Code - 232976
Address - Aquashi UAE 1704, Palace Tower Silicon Oasis, Dubai, UAE

About Company

Aquashi specialises in the design, manufacture, and supply of high quality fountain, swimming pool products and beautiful fire and water features for residential and commercial applications. In 2010, Aquashi designed and created its own range of high quality products and equipment, utilising the most up to date technology in the market. We have offices in Sussex, UK that caters for the European and American Markets and in Dubai, UAE that caters for the Middle Eastern and African markets. Our products have been designed for optimum performance, reliability and durability with the seal of Aquashi that represents the mark of quality. We offer design services to architects, engineers and developers for the design and development of fountains, fire features, swimming pools and water parks. Our aim is to create innovative and sustainable water features utilising our technologically advanced line of products. We also offer programming and start up assistance in particular for sequenced fountain features. Our experienced engineers program the sequenced nozzles and LED RGB lighting to create numerous patterns, shapes and lighting effects, resulting in a unique, exciting and memorable feature. Musical fountains and fountain choreography is our specialty. Our highly experienced choreographers work closely with the fountain programmers to provide you with a spectacular musical show of nozzle and lighting effects in harmony with the music. The success of Aquashi has resulted in the supply and installation of our products in more than 30 countries worldwide. We pride ourselves on providing quality products and services, available and accessible to clients worldwide.