The tanker turns….

Date: Sun, 10 Mar, 2019

The tanker turns….

In between usual monthly blog posts I wanted to share some great news with you as we head towards the end of the ‘18/’19 financial year for BBG.

You will remember the oft used analogy over the past couple of years: the super tanker takes a while to change course. Well, change course it has! Following the ‘drains up’ review of what members really want and the member engagement programme we ran through the ‘17/’18 financial year, I’m pleased to highlight the following:

- Jan & Feb ’19 report the highest number of new member acquisitions on a monthly basis for many years.
- The new, highly relevant event strategy is attracting larger numbers of attendees than in the past.
- Collaborative efforts with many organisations, led by the HMG cooperation, is enabling tangible member benefits through market intelligence and valuable market opportunities across sectors.

Our recent Dukes networking event saw over 60 of us meeting to share ideas, experiences and market knowledge in a convivial environment. This means that all stakeholders (members/guests/supporting partners) have something to gain.

The good growth in member numbers – with an additional 38 just for January and February, whether representing their companies as Business or Business Lite, or having joined on an Individual basis – is further testament to the benefits of being a BBG member.

You will have seen the email introducing our January additions to the BBG family, and you can expect the February update by next week.

Speaking of helping British business grow, we’re introducing a new concept: Member Spotlight where we allow our SME members to shine and give them a few minutes to introduce their business to the rest of the membership – think speed dating without having to move chairs. Please come and support the members who have taken the brave step of coming forward to showcase their businesses at the inaugural Member Spotlight Tue 12th March, 6.00pm at Media One Hotel

Plus, of course, there is nothing wrong with taking business out of the office and on the golf course and marina. Our Annual Golf Day is taking place as we speak supported by many fantastic partners and sponsors. Although not playing, you will see me on or around the 19th hole to spur you all on, or off!

When it comes to our Partners – without whom we could never continue to retain our much-enjoyed status as the region's go-to business group – thanks to a new Annual Partnership with Dubai World Trade Centre [DWTC], our members enjoyed complimentary access to this year’s Dubai International Boat Show. Those members who braved the weather enjoyed complimentary canapes, beverages and entertainment as part of yet another fantastic #member4member benefit. Stay tuned for details on our next collaborative exhibition. 

Finally, we are delighted to announce new talent that has joined the BBG Administrative Board in the last couple of weeks:

 Caroline Rowe and Sonny Ridgewell  

It's wonderful that Caroline has kindly taken the time to be the interim Director of Events as well as being our Events Focus Chair. Events are a very important part of the BBG’s value proposition and the full houses we’ve had at our events over the last few months prove that our members, event partners and annual partners are having their expectations met.

As for Sonny, an essential part of the BBG’s growth, and another important aspect of the BBG’s value proposition, is the strengthening of partnerships with regional business councils. We have, therefore, created a Regional Inter-Business Council Director role to build relationships that will help us offer our members and partners opportunities across a wider, regional, geography and further strengthen our position as the region's go-to business group. A big thank you to Sonny Ridgewell for accepting to fill the role for the time being.

Both Sonny and Caroline are in their respective directorial roles temporarily as both positions will be open for nominations and voting prior to the AGM. As usual, we encourage all members to get involved. The nominees and successful applicants will be announced at the AGM on Thursday, 13th June, and will then be in their respective roles for two years.

Thanks for reading and for your continued support.

Catch up soon,


Sun, 20 Oct, 2019

A very warm welcome to the British Business Group!

We are a not-for-profit business group open to UK registered companies or individuals from the UK with existing or potential business interests in Dubai and the Northern Emirates. Our aim is to provide our members with early access to relevant opportunities and regional market intelligence. We also host an average of 60 networking and thought leadership events every year. We welcome all companies and individuals from the UK with business interests in Dubai and Northern Emirates to join us.

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Wed, 21 Aug, 2019

View from the Chair - Changes in the Workplace

“Always treat your employees exactly as you would like them to treat your best customers” Stephen R. Covey.

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Sun, 21 Jul, 2019

View from the Chair - No Summer Slowdown here!

If you are reading this in Dubai, then it would be impossible not to realise that yes, Summer really is here! With the soaring temperatures and suffocating humidity it’s no wonder that so many British expats leave in their 1000s for cooler climates in July and August. Many would confess to believing that business slows down in these months but we can confirm, from our own observations at the BBG, that this is certainly not the case this year!

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Thu, 20 Jun, 2019

View from the Chair - AGM Observations

There’s nothing like an AGM to focus the mind! A time for reflection and to understand where we are, where we have been and where we are going. With the greatest of thanks to our members, sponsors, annual partners and of course our dedicated members of the board, we are in a position of great opportunity and I’d like to share my own observations of our 31st BBG AGM!

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Thu, 16 May, 2019

Ramadan Mubarak!

This year marks my 21st Ramadan as a resident of Dubai. At whatever the time of year this holiest of months falls, it strikes me how friends, family and colleagues of all denominations find time to catch up, chat, compliment each other and generally reflect on the blessings we are all bestowed with.

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