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View from the Chair - Hello? Anybody there…?

View from the Chair - Hello? Anybody there…?

Date: Thu, 19 Jul, 2018

View from the Chair - Hello? Anybody there…?

As a professionally organised and managed business group that works hard to enable our members to succeed, we have taken an abundance of advice in relation to how we communicate with you, our members, and all stakeholders of the BBG, Dubai & Northern Emirates, in relation to new data protection legislation [GDPR].

You may have noticed that we have been having some issues with our member email communications recently. The changes we have been working on have been implemented for the benefit of all of you, in response to your feedback and in line with GDPR requirements, but we are aware that this has caused some members that were keen to hear from us to stop receiving our messages. We apologise that communications may not have been consistent for all of you recently. Suffice to say, we are now communicating with individuals and companies that have a legitimate interest in hearing from us. Please rest assured that the business team is working hard with our providers to make sure the issues are resolved and communication is maintained in line with your wishes. 

So, If you aren’t hearing from us with relevant details - or indeed, feel you are hearing too much - please do contact the business team on info@bbgdxb.com or 04 3970303, as we have a pretty major data cleansing operation underway to ensure our communications are top-notch. Likewise, whilst our new website provides a much better and interactive user experience, we know that we have some glitches and gremlins to work through, and I’ll be sure to keep you updated on progress…

With all of this hard work, and more, that is being undertaken by the business team (formerly operations) and your administrative board (formerly committee) it would have been rather self defeating if we were unable to update you on the specific, tangible member benefits that are now coming to the fore!

As I mentioned last week, we have introduced a new membership category – Business Lite – for companies with less than 20 employees. We’ve also introduced a special summer promotion for all new or renewed memberships which waives the joining fee and offers a reduced rate until the end of September.

It’s not just about memberships though, we’re also offering members reduced rates for early bird registration for events of 15%. Throughout the summer, you may have noticed we are not running our usual volume of business events, as we focus on taking our strategy forward and developing our value, offer and communications. However we continue to offer weekly networking opportunities across Dubai, brining together a mix of industry leaders, service providers and key individuals from within the business community. You can see all of our upcoming events here – register now to avail the early bird discount!

One of the key events we are working on however is as a result of the sterling work undertaken by our Director of Focus Chairs, Andrew Prince. This week alone we are connecting with specific infrastructure members and including them in ‘opportunity briefings’ at the British Embassy alongside EXPO2020 and our friends from HMG Department of International Trade. Watch this space for details of an event for the wider membership group for real supply chain opportunities for British business very soon! This is the very tenet of our strategic purpose - to enable our members to succeed.

I hope you’ve all had a successful week, and wish you a fantastic weekend

John MSV
BBG Chairman


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