View from the Chair - A change is as good as a rest....


However, there is no rest on the horizon for your Committee as we head to our AGM and beyond. With none of the committee positions being contested this year, the Committee is considered to have been duly elected for the next twelve months. There are still a few resolutions we need to vote on however, so I would encourage you all to sign up for the AGM next month now.

I mentioned at the AGM last May that I was to take the Chair of a truly talented and committed group who were determined to develop real, tangible member benefits. With the additions of a new Deputy Chair and Director of Finance we have certainly grasped the nettle, and I’m glad we will get the chance to continue to push forward together as a team for the year ahead.

An enormous amount of work has been undertaken by our Director of Legal & Secretariat, Helen Barrett, ably supported by Legal Focus Chair, Alison Hubbard, to completely rewrite our Group’s out of date constitution in order to provide a fit-for-purpose framework for future generations of our award winning Group. You can hear more and vote for this improvement on 10th May at the AGM.

At the same time, tough and correct decisions have been made to invest member funds in new technology to bring the group resources into the digital age. We are on a catch-up curve here but are already seeing the green shoots of improved engagement following the launch of the new website last month. This is the nucleus of a brand new engagement strategy.

As with many member organisations we too have experienced a falling membership and lower event attendance over the past couple of years. This all points towards a continued member call to ensure relevance of opportunities competing for your valuable time. The renewed and unique access enjoyed by members due to the relationship with UK Government through the local Department of International Trade [DiT] is a great example. Already this year significant deals for members have been supported through this initiative and now we also have direct access, on the ground, to the new Export Finance team who are more than happy to engage with BBG members with UK trade/export requirements for funding.

So, plenty of change but not much rest! I would urge you again to please take the time to support your group by attending the AGM on 10th May to hear more about our future strategy.

Make your voices heard! Your committee are only as effective as your constructive feedback – and we welcome it...

Speak soon,