View from the Chair - Teamwork is dreamwork


We all know that feeling of being part of something larger than ourselves - part of a group of individuals making the task in hand more enjoyable, inclusive and ultimately successful. Sometimes goals aren’t reached, but, collectively, we are better able to dust ourselves off, regroup and carry on. This applies to our personal, leisure and business lives I think.

As you read this, your administrative board (formerly committee) and operations team are meeting for a half-day in-depth second strategy session. This follows a ‘deep dive’ activity over the past few weeks since our AGM - collating data and listening to members, former members and potential members alike. What do we, as a team, really need? What is the purpose of the BBG? What is the value proposition? How do we effectively deliver that proposition? And so on…

The observations recorded will form part of the on-going strategy to develop and grow the region’s go-to business group in fairly challenging conditions.

As I mentioned at the AGM, we have, similarly to other membership organisations, suffered from declining membership and event attendance over the past four years. We are stemming the flow but fully realise there is more to do. There is enormous competition for our members’ time and it is our responsibility to ensure that every engagement adds value in one way or another. Perhaps by connecting with the right person/company or, better still, introducing tangible business opportunities that would otherwise not be evident.

So much is our passion to fix this, that some of us will be missing our national football team playing in the match this afternoon against Panama in order to attend the strategy session!

The England team are a good example of a group that have assessed the opportunity, re-calibrated their approach and shown a steely determination to succeed. I’m sure the entire BBG - we are certainly not an English-only club - wish them every success.

Closer to home, take a look at what the UAE Federal Cabinet as well as Dubai & Northern Emirates’ Governments are currently introducing to ease business conditions - and costs - in the country - another great example of delivery of a cohesive strategic vision, with real value to recipients, by a dedicated team.

This is exactly what we at BBG Dubai & Northern Emirates are striving to deliver to you. I look forward to articulating and sharing our plans for an enhanced member experience in the very near future.

Catch up soon – and enjoy the game!

John MSV