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Renewing your passport

Wed, February 21, 2018


Many of us are fortunate to lead wonderful lives as an ex-pat, with extensive travel and exotic holiday destinations within easy reach; however, that is only possible with a valid passport, but how do you renew it so that you can continue to enjoy these advantages?

There are countless forums, resources available and not forgetting your mate at the “local,” so I thought I’d pen a few lines to illustrate my recent experience.

First port of call was that trusted friend, “Google,” (how did we survive before the advent of search engines?) which resulted in

Within Section 2, you’ll note that renewals can now be completed on-line. Whilst being cautious about putting sensitive information on-line, I took the plunge and started the process which was incredibly easy. The one sticking point was the photograph. Now I possess a look that only a mother could love, but apparently you are not allowed to smile in your passport photograph plus there are one or two other conditions that need to be met in order for the picture to be acceptable. A quick visit to the printers who also do passport photographs provided me with an acceptable image which was subsequently uploaded, and the rest of the application completed.

Application status can be checked at any time and the following illustrates just how efficient this service is:

Application history



Passport printed and sent

8:55am on 29 December 2017

Application approved

10:04am on 28 December 2017

Joined processing queue

1:38pm on 27 December 2017

Old passport received

12:40pm on 27 December 2017

Application received

8:19am on 18 December 2017

Application submitted

8:18am on 18 December 2017

If we put this into perspective, whilst the application was submitted on December 18th, the original was sent via courier on the 19th. Factoring in Christmas and Boxing Day’s as non-working days, it is perfectly reasonable for the original to be received on the 27th and join the processing queue. What was impressive is that the new passport was processed and in its way to Dubai within 48 hours. Happy to report that both the old and new passports are safely in my custody ready for new adventures in 2018.

How much does this efficient service cost? A mere £102.86 which is includes the £72.50 passport fee and covers the cost of sending both your old and new passport via two different courier parcels for security.

Given I’m well known for being a technophobe (read dinosaur), the entire process was seamless and a wonderfully stress free. So when your UK passport is due for renewal, you now know what to do!